7th July 2000

@Bagleys, Kings Cross

uniteddance7-7-00.jpg (25284 bytes) United dance @ Bagleys, probably one of the best events at Bagleys, will they keep that crown, well yes they will apart from the way they treat the hardcore ravers in the place, the room down stairs is just too small, sort it out slammin!!

This is how the night went......In the basement, the Hardcore arena, had a totally wicked atmosphere all night with some really good tunes thrown in. Unfortunately for 

the first few hours the music was so quiet it was drowned out by all the horns, whistles and screams, especially as the room was so crammed!

Good sounds in the house and trance room but it was mainly house music all night and a bit mellow for me plus the room never really filled out which makes it a bit awkward to dance. (if you know what I mean)  


uniteddance7-7-00.jpg (25284 bytes)

uniteddance7-7-00.jpg (25284 bytes) Well now the drum + bass arena was pumping all night long as usual, although it was very crowded everyone in there looked as though they had a great time, I had a couple of moody encounters between the drum + bass and garage rooms, but it was nothing I couldn't laugh off.

The Garage room never packed out all night but there were many happy faces grooving all night long, this room isn't really my scene but it was good to go in this room 

every now and then and have a little jiggle.

Finally the old skool room, totally wicked all night long as always, keep the vibe alive!!!

Overall....not one set good or bad stand's out in my memory, they all seem to sound the same these days, maybe it's time for some new talent. The venue could do with some better cooling systems, (you would of thought 

uniteddance7-7-00.jpg (25284 bytes)

uniteddance7-7-00.jpg (25284 bytes) by now they would realize that the place gets way to hot) visual effects and more seats in the chill out areas (especially now there playing garage).

It was a totally wicked night and I'd recommend it to any raver/clubber to get there for the next one.

Many thanks to everyone involved in making the night happen especially the ravers!!

p.s and at long last friendly safe security at Bagleys, just what everyone wants, see you all at the next one!



uniteddance7-7-00.jpg (25284 bytes)