new years eve

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31st December 2005

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 @SE1 Club, London Bridge


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This is the first time I've been out raving for New Years Eve for three years and I haven't been to a Moondance for at least 3-4 years (and I have never been to Moondance on New Years Eve) so I was quite excited and really looking forward to it. I also have never been to any other event at the SE1 Club other than Raindance so I was really looking forward to see what Moondance could do with the legendary SE1 Club.

The first weird thing of the night was that there was only four of us going (me, Steve, Greg and Jess) and only a few others we met in there during the night, this was really strange as usually when we go out there are loads and loads of us going so everywhere you go in the rave you bump into someone you know. Not tonight though at all!

Greg picked me up at 9pm and after a few diversions we got to the venue at around 10.30pm (which is really really good for Greg!).

Once parked up and out you noticed just how many people were queuing up to get in but you also noticed just how quick people were getting in (will let you know why in a sec).

We encountered our first problem of the night before we even got inside the venue, we were supposed to be on the guest list but the woman on the door couldn't find our names anywhere, after holding up the guest list for 10 minutes she got so frustrated trying to find our names she just gave us our passes to get rid of us.

After entering the venue and passing the security and searches I found out why everyone was getting in so quick... There were absolutely no searches or metal detectors upon entry what so ever (which is something I seem to be seeing more and more these days). I know it is really important to get everyone in the venue quick but to be honest isn't everybody's safety more important. Of course I'm not too bothered about the drug searches - what people want to take is up to them - but with no searches anyone could take in any sort of weapon and if something kicks off you could be looking at a death or serious injury. Let me make it clear that this problem is not down to the promoters (Moondance in this case) but the venue owners who would rather have no searches just so they don't have to hire a few extra security to get the people in quick.

Unfortunately this was not the only thing the venue owners got wrong (I think this was down to them anyway), they decided to move the cloakroom just before the event was about to start and ended up putting it in the hardcore arena which not only halved the size of the hardcore arena but didn't leave enough space for people to queue, plus putting your coat in and taking it back out was an absolute nightmare, I'm sure they only had one person working the cloakroom and were doing it one by one, people were queuing up for more than an hour just to put there coat in or out. (not me though as I never take a coat in, I learnt many years ago that most events/promoters/venues have never got the cloakroom right.)

Right now I've got my moaning out of the way I will concentrate on the wicked things that happened (I always have to moan about something, it's gets worse as you get older!!)

once my mates coats were finally in the cloakroom we headed straight for the old skool arena which by this time was pretty rammed and getting more rammed by the minute as it was now getting close to midnight. I'm not sure what DJ was on as I was near the back of the arena but he (or she) was playing some excellent tunes including a few new skool tunes in the mix.

We stayed in this arena for the midnight countdown and by the looks of it so did everyone else as it was rammed solid at this point, there was no space to dance but you expect that at midnight. The only thing wrong with the countdown is that it was at least 5 minutes late but I've been out raving on new years eve 12 times so far and not one single rave has ever got it right on time (not sure why??)

The lasers in this arena were the nuts, the best I've seen out in a long time, they even counted down to 0, then all the confetti cannons went of, everybody hugged and said happy new year and then that was it, it was over a bit quick really, it's not like it used to be, raving back in the day, once midnight had gone you then spent the next 2 hours walking around wishing everyone (friends and strangers)a happy new year. Apart from my mates I think I had three people come up to me and wish me a happy new year. 

We stayed in the old skool for a little while and listened to some classic anthems from DJ Squirrel while staring with amazement at the lasers. 

  After the rammed arenas at midnight I was quite surprised at how it emptied out a little bit which gave you just enough room to dance without getting pushed all over the place, even the walkways weren't too packed, don't get me wrong, the place was packed but not stupidly over packed, I heard it was a sell out so if this was the case then Moondance must of decided not to sell too many tickets to over ram the place as I have seen it before and make extra money by ramming it which I'm sure they could of if they wanted too, hats of to you Moondance if this is the case, I know many other promoters who would of put money before the comfort of the raver.

The bar, laughing gas cloakroom etc were all the same price as at any other time of the year (as far as I could tell anyway), it's so easy for the venue or promoter to increase prices just because its new years eve.

Of we went to check out the rest of the arenas, The old skool arena was the only arena in the same place as it is at Raindance, every other arena was different. We went from the old skool to the drum and bass room (which drum and bass room I don't know as when I went into the other drum and bass room they were playing exactly the same type of drum and bass??). We then moved onto the house room which was full of sexy ladies and sexy  music, I actually quite liked the music in this room but as I love my hardcore so much this was way too mellow and really hard to dance too especially when your used to stomping around to fourbeat.

I didn't stay too long in the house room and moved on to the hardcore room which I'm sorry to say is where I stayed for the rest of the night.

This arena was being hosted by Epidemik (who yet again done an excellent job) and was 'a history of hardcore' so you had a wide range of music being played from old skool to happy hardcore to future hardcore with even a few drum and bass and jungle tunes thrown in.

I was really looking forward to seeing DJ Mixman play as he and I absolutely love our cheese but he had to cancel at the last minute so I was totally gutted and thought I wasn't going to get to hear any cheese but how wrong was I. There was at least three happy hardcore cheese sets which totally made my night. I was even shocked to see Ponder and HB play a happy hardcore set (even though they didn't look to pleased! LOL), something I have never seen them do before and was one of the best sets I've ever heard them play (something they should do more often).

My best set of the night though has to go to the one and only DJ Billy Bunter (the happy hardcore master) he played an excellent set starting with some old skool classics and went on to play some pure hardcore anthems. wicked, it was a pity he was on for the last set of the night, I didn't want to leave after hearing it and by then I was totally knackered.

Well done to Billy Bunter who managed to make the one last tune at 6am go on till 6.20am by making it sound as if all the tunes he played (about 10 of them) were one long tune (dumb security fell for it), he tried to go on longer but the security were having none of it.

Throughout the whole night I never saw one bit of trouble and from where I was the security wasn't needed once (apart from people trying to push in the cloakroom queue). The atmosphere was high spirited, lots of smiley happy faces even though most of them kept themselves to themselves, I lost count of how many smiles I got from the sexy ladies which is always nice to see. I did get pushed about a little bit even when there was a loads of space to walk past but you just learn to ignore it.

Overall - apart from a couple of minor problems the whole night was a complete success, everyone I was with had a top top night. The lighting and lasers were brilliant (even if they were a bit bright at times) in every arena especially the old skool arena and the sound system sounded loud clear and crisp in every arena, I actually came out in the morning with my ears really ringing. There was an excellent atmosphere with plenty of sexy ladies for us guys to drool over. There was good music no matter what you liked, the DJs and MCs were all good etc etc need I go on.

What more could I have asked for..

I will definitely be going to Moondance again and will be getting everyone I know to get there arses down to the next one.

big big shout out to Steve, Greg (for driving us there and back safely and actually arriving on time for the first time ever), Jess, Paul, Tom U4EA, Karren, Ponder and HB, Spenno, Tony Res, Grant Epidemik

the Dreamer

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