21st July 2000

@The Chunnel Club

Having missed the last Elation due to my exams and having heard so many
superb reports from that event, I was relishing the opportunity to attend
the next Elation!!  Myself and my mate, Andy, got the train in to London to
meet Nemesis, Mupster, Twigg, Jody and Bekki in the new Elite Records.  We
bought our tickets and checked out their wide selection of both new and old
hardcore, then went to Marylebone to meet Natalie and Iram.  Due to a
breakdown in communication between us I was left standing in Marylebone
station waiting for them for nearly an hour and a half!!!  When I finally
met them we all made our way to Victoria Station via Waterloo, for some
reason!  There we met with Dimi, Kev, Stix, Darkcyde, Jamie and others.
After a drink celebrating Kev's 21st Birthday we left Victoria at 9:00pm.
Then it was a quick tube ride down the Victoria line to Vauxhall Station,
where we met up with millions of the USH crew.

Just after 9:45 we made the two minute walk to the Chunnel Club to join the
queue.  After a fairly painless search (why do I always get the big scary
looking security men?), I entered the venue.  On first impressions the venue
seemed very nice indeed - like two of the hardcore arenas at the Drome
side-to-side.  Dodgee was playing some wicked trancecore in the Hardcore
arena, with Wotsee on the mic.  I've heard these guys on Inside Beat
before - and they were just as fantastic live.  Unfortunately the sound
system in the hardcore arena was having some problems with the
low-frequencies, so for the rest of the night hardcore was placed in the
hard house arch - a very nice move indeed!

Next up on the decks was DJ Sonic with MC Shotgun.  A truly sublime mix -
made even better by me getting somewhat excited half way through(!).  The
crowd was beginning to swell - and the venue was rocking.  The sound was
loud and clear, the venue brilliantly decorated with UV-backdrops, etc.

The highlight of my night was finally meeting the love-of-my life - Cris E
Manic!! :)  She and Uplift played what was, in my opinion, the set of the
night.  They played a superb old-skool set, dropping all the classics, as
well as some lesser played tunes.  Absolutely perfect!!  And, to make it
even better, if that was at all possible - she played Euphoria by Euphoria -
my all time favourite tune - and I think I actually exploded then.  Boom I
went, splattered all over the venue.  I'm in Euphoria.....

The atmosphere by now was mind-blowing.  I've only been raving since
February, but the atmosphere here was the best I've ever experienced.  Many
a seasoned raver said that they had not experienced an atmosphere like that
since 97/98.

After this set was Ponder himself.  After his set with Happy Bounce at
Raindance, you could safely say that I was looking forward to this!!
Alongside the supreme MC Storm (booked at 24hrs notice!!) - this was yet
another fantastic set - things just kept on getting better and better.
Playing some wicked new tunes, mixed in with some classics, Ponder was on
fire.  Ravers were going crazy!  Wicked.

Robbie Long - a DJ whose tunes I've heard, but from whom I've never heard a
live set - was up next.  The start of his set was a bit bizarre - seemed to
start with hip-hop, followed by what I thought was the Beats and Bass sound
from America.  Not exactly my cup of tea, but others were loving it.  I had
a bit of a chat with people at this time - coming back for the last half of
his set, which I have to say was a lot better!

I had an interesting chat with Grant Epidemik - top bloke, 100% interested
in Hardcore and Old Skool - might even make my way to Southend-on-sea for an
Epidemik event soon!

Gosh, the night was just flying by at this time - and to send it spinning
into orbit was the superb talent of DJ Energy.  Joining him was MC Storm I
think - and together they hyped up the arena to new levels.  He played some
truly divine freeform - I've never seen Icekold and Unit-E smile so much!!

I was truly fucked by this stage - ask Kev - but I was still on my feet,
dancing the night away, and fuck me - it was time for Sy!!!!  Alongside
Storm, this prelude to Future Dance 3 was beyond mere adjectives!  The
cheese police might have been called at some points - but that just added to
the whole feeling.  One of the greatest points of the night was the large
USH board being passed from person to person in the arena.  People jumping
up and down with the board, and Crissy holding it up above her head -
superb!! :)

Time for the last set of the night - and the legend that is Happy Bounce was
on the decks.  Once again, a wicked mix-up by him, with Wildcard (I think)
on the microphone.  For the last half of his set, though, I was a bit worse
for wear - and spent a bit of it sitting in the corner, still loving the
sounds coming out of the speakers!  My God, six-o-clock came so quickly, but
when it did all people could say was "fuck me - what a night!!".

And, fuck me, what a night!  What a night.  You miss the next one, and you
should be locked up - forever.

Shouts out to: Andy, Kev (happy birthday), Dimi, Nemesis, Mupster, Twigg,
Bekki, Jody, Jamie, Stix, Paul (USH), Paul (Ponder), Mark (Happy Bounce),
Sonic, Energy, Uplift, Cris E Manic (oooooooo Crissy Manic), Dodgee, Wotsee,
Storm, Natalie, Iram, Alister, Pioneer, Darkcyde, Ade, Morgz, Grant
Epidemik, Tony Raindance, Shotgun, Wildcard, Sy, Billy Bunter, Energy's Dad,
Caine (Ian), Barticle, Chedda, Miss Go Mental, Sam, Phick, Androo, Raver Jo,
dHaynes, that American bloke I keep on meeting - oh god and everyone one
else who I've forgotten, and everyone involved with Elation - wicked wicked
night!!!  A shout also to James and Brad who couldn't make it (tut tut).

Be there for the next one - and for Future Dance 3 - see yas all there!!!!!!

Tom Bennett / U4EA