3rd July 1999

@The Pleasure Rooms, Tottenham

10 entrance fee, security in a cheerful mood, not a bad evening had by all!

10pm opening time, but it didn't start filling up until around midnight, then quite a fair sized, up for it, crowd arrived for a night

of fun.

The drum & bass room stayed packed all night with a decent atmosphere and the wickedest tunes one after another. Big respect to the MC CRAZY G who managed to keep the crowd rocking for

what seemed like most of the night without suffering from a bout of laryngitis.

The best set of the night was played by the last winner of Yabba Dabba Doo's gong contest, DJ Triptonite who played all the tunes

the crowd wanted, and to top it off nicely had Demus Jay and MC Supplier (who we all love dearly) alongside to make it an hour of sweet perfectness! aahh

Happy Hardcore room, what happened?? Only a handful of people

in there all night which was a bit of a shame, where were you happy crew?? Better luck next time.

The Gong Show was interesting, and the room stayed quite busy, a good mix of up+coming djs playing a varied range of tunes to liven

up your eardrums, one major problem with this room was MC Robbie D, who seems to think it makes him sound good if he insults anyone and everyone in the room, still if your on a moody one, and you need a good laugh, just sit and listen to ROBBIE D's lyrics for an hour, it certainly  gave us a chuckle, it's a shame he
kept finding it necessary to tell people to f*ck off every two minutes, I always thought that raving was about peace, love and unity. it's a shame when there are really talented MCs out there.

All in all a good night had by all , and worth going to, it would be

nice to see a few more people next time, so that the happy hardcore room wasn't so desolate!

Big shout to the MC Supplier, you are the bol*oc*s and Demus Jay who's sweet voice is remembered in our ear drums!

And keep up the good work DJ Triptonite!!

See ya at the next one