30th September 2000

@The Light House, Docklands, London


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worldance30-9-00front.jpg (46194 bytes)       It was around 9.30 when I arrived at the Light house venue, I had never been here before and was quite looking forwards to it, as I got there I noticed that there was only a few people there, but as time went on more and more people started to arrive and by the time I went in (10.20pm) there was a huge queue forming, I went in and had a good look around and got my bearings, I found all the arena's and the funfair rides outside, time to start raving..

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I went into the main building where the drum + bass and garage arena's are, by this time the atmosphere was getting very high and the both arena' were getting full of people.

The first DJ  in the drum + bass arena was Swift with Shabba on the mic which went the crowd loved and were going mad too. I stayed in this arena for a while as it was kicking but decided to go to the Old skool when it started 

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worldance30-9-00front.jpg (46194 bytes) to get a bit warm, in the old skool Squirrel was playing some fat old skool tunes and the massive was in very high spirit . I noticed that MC Ice was on the mic so MC Ice and I had a jump around to a tune or two (if you hadn't guessed by now, I'm an MC myself).

That's enough old skool for now, time for some more drum + bass, so of I went, back in the drum + bass arena DJ 

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Jumpin Jack Frost was on the decks with MC Five 0, I spent some time in here with the massive jumpin up and down to some excellent drum+bass, by this time the place was packed (everyone must come down after the pub!!).

Back to the old skool once again and DJ Slipmatt was playing, and what a set of some superb old skool tunes, I stayed and listened to Slipmatt's set then went for a wonder 

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worldance30-9-00front.jpg (46194 bytes) to the garage arena for the first time tonight, it was quite pumping (well as pumping as you can get to garage!) and filled out nicely but didn't seem as popular as the drum + bass (I suppose drum + bass is what World dance is known for). After a while off I went through the drum +bass arena (where Jumpin Jack Frost was finishing his set) and to the old skool once again where I found DJ Food Junky finishing his set to be taken over by the Rat Pack, next in 

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the drum + bass was Kenny Ken so I had to choose whose set to stay and listen to, they are both top DJs so I decided to stay for a bit listening to the Rat Pack then stay for a bit listening to Kenny Ken in the drum + bass ending up back in the old skool arena for the Rat Packs last few tunes.

No time for a chill DJ Rap is on in the drum + bass arena and you just can't miss Rap, especially when MC moose is 

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worldance30-9-00front.jpg (46194 bytes) on the mic, the place was in full swing by the time I got in there. 

Back in the old skool DJ Phantasy finished off the night in style and after DJ Rap had finished in the drum + bass DJ Hype and MC Moose and MC Five O finished the night off, the massive went absolutely wild to DJ Hype, and I had to finish the night in the drum + bass arena.

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On the whole the night was wicked with no lack of production on behalf of the World dance crew, and the DJs and MCs earning there money.

To the next time, peace!!


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