1st July 2000

@The Light House, Docklands, London


worlddance1-7-00.jpg (45061 bytes) I was really looking forward to tonight as I hadn't been to a World Dance since way in the day when they were still at Llyd airport (how things have changed since then) and I was also looking forward to seeing this new venue which is a real lighthouse-cool, it's about time some new venues were found, the old ones are O.K. but after six or so years they begin to get a bit boring.

So off we went to jump on the train (I didn't trust the car 

worlddance1-7-00pic1.jpg (27720 bytes)

after last week and my exhaust falling off going down the motorway, something always seems to happen on the way home!)

We didn't think it was going to be that hard to find but were we in for a shock, it ended up taking us three bus journeys and two train journeys and by the time we got there (about midnight) it seemed like everyone else going to world dance were having as much trouble finding it as 

worlddance1-7-00pic2.jpg (17708 bytes)

worlddance1-7-00.jpg (45061 bytes)

we were, we got off the last train to be greeted by hundreds of ravers walking or in cars trying to find the place, luckily we guessed right and took the right path and we were finally there, there was a huge queue waiting to get in, luckily we were in the guest list queue so didn't have to wait no more that 10 minutes.

Once in we had a walk around to check out the new venue and see what was were and it looked quite 

worlddance1-7-00pic3.jpg (30520 bytes)

impressive and quite large but were was the funfair, the place had a huge outside chillout area but no funfair as it said on the flyer.

The Garage room and Drum + Bass room were filling out nicely by now but the Old Skool room was too empty, maybe because of the sound system in there (it was so quiet you could here the garage way louder over the top of the old skool) or maybe it was because of Slipmatt 

worlddance1-7-00pic4.jpg (12495 bytes)

worlddance1-7-00.jpg (45061 bytes) playing!!!

So we decided to stay in the Garage room for a little while (not really my thing but this was O.K), one thing I did notice was the amount of lovely young females in the place, something I do like to see, there's nothing worse than going somewhere where the blokes outnumber the birds 4 to 1!!

After a while in the Garage room listening to some rather

 good tunes it started to heat up a bit so we went for a chill-out, outside and that's exactly what we got a chill, it was a bit chilly out side but nice just for a short while, it's good to go somewhere with an outside chill-out area, sometimes you just need some fresh air (if you know what I mean!)

Time to go back in and listen to guess who?? The Rat Pack of course, and they finally started to pack out the 

worlddance1-7-00pic5.jpg (14738 bytes)

worlddance1-7-00.jpg (45061 bytes) Old Skool room playing some excellent classics even though at one point Everson Allan had to shout at the technicians to turn the system up because it was so quiet, which in turn was turned up only to be turned back down again (from what I was told the environmental health  were there and they threatened to close it down if it wasn't turned down, how true this is I don't know but if it is true then sort it out official people, there were no houses anywhere near the place, and I think all of us ravers are 

used to a bit of loud music by now, don't you!)

Anyway enough moaning and back to the Rat Pack, the best set in the Old Skool room yet again and the crowd just loved it, by now the whole place was jumping and the atmosphere was electric throughout every arena, there was a few rude boys and girls in the place but even they seemed to have a smile on there faces.

Time for a trek to the Jungle arena, yeah right! I couldn't 

worlddance1-7-00pic6.jpg (18227 bytes)

worlddance1-7-00.jpg (45061 bytes)

even get in the place it was so rammed, this was definitely by far the most popular arena of the night and when you went in it you could see and hear why!  The music being played was only the best in drum + bass (all the time I was in there I never heard one disappointing tune) and the crowd were going crazy over it from beginning to end, when the evening was over the Drum + Bass arena was still rammed and no one wanted to go home with people shouting ONE MORE for at least 10 minutes after the last


All in all a bloody good night (especially as D+B isn't really my thing), yes there was a few minor problems but nothing that can't be rectified for their next event, I can see World Dance putting on bigger and better events in the future and if they stay around I think they will take back the crown of being the Drum + Bass kings.

The Dreamer

worlddance1-7-00pic7.jpg (12065 bytes)

worlddance1-7-00.jpg (45061 bytes)


It had been a long awaited return of these giant promoters who had seemed to just disappear. A return that promised such an outstanding night it just could not be missed, but did it live up to expectations.

All in all, YES. Features such as the fair ground were missing, the promise of some Booming sound systems, that performed well in the Garage and Jungle rooms but 

the old school lacked power (seeing the garage room drowned it out for a lot of the night). But thatís not my concern, I was there for one thing and one thing only, Bring on the Garage Arena.

The place was quite simply rocking from start to finish. No bad attitude from no one. The ladies were fine and the men were men. Maybe a lack of people but not by much, its always good to have room to move, unlike in the Jungle 

 worlddance1-7-00pic8.jpg (19448 bytes)

worlddance1-7-00.jpg (45061 bytes)

arena, It was packed. One upset in the whole night was the lack of a deck for a while at the start. TECHNICIANS, do your job, this should never happen and if it does fix it quick. Thereís nothing worse for a DJ than to have his set ruined by faulty equipment, but I can't take nothing away from the man on the decks as what set he did get to play had me dancing more than any other.

The whole night had all the DJís playing such rocking sets 

I couldnít sit down, one slick mix after another, I couldnít have been happier, except, sorry to say it but it seems to be a trend with all Raves nowadays, the variety of tunes was small. It seems half the time that the DJís have the same record box. It cant always be helped, I know that everyone wants to play the latest and the best tunes but the men behind the decks have got to start thinking about this as itís the best way to kill a good tune.

worlddance1-7-00pic9.jpg (20196 bytes)

worlddance1-7-00.jpg (45061 bytes)

Rounding off I must say I had one hell of an awesome night, the venue was wicked and it should be used again (except for the old school room). And the Garage is getting stronger and stronger, cant wait for the next one, but keep your promises.