22nd October 1999

@Bagleys, Kings Cross

This event would make this the first United Dance i've attended since it moved from Stevenage. It also marks my first visit to Bagleys too.

Upon entrance, search was very 'complete' whist being rather relaxed at the same time and the cloakroom facilities were very organised.
The 'happy hardcore' arena was a total blast, and the same vibe I remembered from the United Dance I used to attend at stevenage a couple of years ago. When I arrived, they were playing a set of the older tunes, and then DJ Vibes started off a banging set of pumping tunes which set the pace for the rest of the night. The whole dancefloor was very alive, full of bright eyes and smiling faces, you could tell everyone was having a brilliant time, and was prepared to share the vibe with everyone else.
 It was just one giant party right through the night. The only let down in this room was a lack of loud bass, there were other arenas with more bass, why not this one? maybe fix this for next time guys?The Drum and bass room was full on from the word go, mostly modern beats (as opposed to the 'jungle' style, and at all times the dancefloor was totally packed out with people doing some serious partying. With every introduction of a new bassline, the whole dancefloor just rumbled, not only from the noise
  of the music, but from the sudden bursts of energy from the whole crowd. Downstairs into the House arena led to quite a suprise, This was the loudest arean in the place, i mean REAL loud, the floor was kicking with every beat. Gone was the usual DJ 'Line-up' instead was a large corner for the DJ's to reside, and they appeared to chop and change throught the night. Oddly, the house got harder, then seemed to gradually change to a trance style. This seemed to go down well with the
 crowd, who were all buzzing to the euphoric tunes and kicking beats. The crowd in this room seemed to dissapear around 3:30 - 4am filling the chill out areas.
Just below the House room was an arean not mentioed on the flyer, an Old Skool room, it was a real shame this room wasnt mentioned or advertised, since there are many Old Skool ravers, and a single DJ 'Duncan Disorderly' played his huge collection of classicsright through the night (with only a little 
  help from a small dude with glasses). The dance floor was never 'packed' but gained popularity throughout the night as more people discovered it. For the last hour, the music in that arena took a massive change from Old Skool to Hard House, unforuntatly, this 'last hour' in both the Old Skool and House areana, was 4-5 as opposed to 5-6 - hence, i totally missed it, i went downstairs at 5:15 to be met by a security guy coming the other way, intent on no-one getting past him.
For the last hour, the hardcore music was replaced by old skool, 20 mins before i was soaked right
  through, and once you get too hot, a trip outside smacks you in the face with typical winter cold weather, and when your soaking wet, this is very bad for you.
Security didn't mess around, and in corridors, you could hear them shouting at the people in order to keep them moving along, accompanied by several blank and confused expressions on the ravers 
Whatever your musical taste, this place was banging, it did appear to 'tail off' toward the end, as opposed to 'build up', some people prefer it this way, others don't. It had more of a Club feel that most raves, this was undoubtedly due to the venue, In all, this event is well worth the visit, i'll definatly be checking the first United Dance of 2000.