3rd September 1999

@Bagleys, Kings Cross

It had been a long time since I last went to slammin vinyl, prefering to go to the more jingle and house dominated events recently, so I was quite curious to find out if the slammin vinyl crew could still maintain the standard to which I remember their events always reached.
The first thing I noticed on reaching the venue was that this event was a sellout!! The queue reached all the way around to the back of Bagleys and it was still early.

Thankfully we were on the guest list for the night and so were 

able to avoid the masses, being escorted in quickly and after a quick search we was in.

Inside the production didn't disappoint. The first two arena's (hardcore and jungle) were set up so that the DJ was on the 

stage in full view of the ravers, rather than hidden in the little boxes located high up on the side walls of each arena. Arenas 3, 4, and 5 (garage, old skool, and techno) were also laid out well although the sound levels in the garage arena were a little to low for my liking, this however did not deter the crowd from avin' it,
and they did so all night, especially to Brockie and DET in the jungle arena.

Other good sets included Jimmy j, Sy, Ray Keith and Nicky Blackmarket with the only blowout I can remember being


All in all a top night and definitely more of the same expected from slammin vinyl at their next event.

See you at the next one!!!


Big shouts going out to...

Steve, Nicola, Nic (next time I won't buy a ticket), Lindsay, the bloke who gave us a lift home (whoever you were), and Greg (the blow out.)