2nd December 2000

@The Scala Club, Kings Cross


Resonance, yet another new event on the hardcore scene, but can this one stand the test of time, I went to find out... and from what I saw this is one event that is going to be around for a long time (well I hope so anyway).

After a late start and driving past the venue a good four times to find a parking space we finally arrived at the venue entrance at around midnight, after a very tight search we were in, I was looking forward seeing this 

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new venue (new to me) and I wasn't disappointed at all apart from the lack of signs showing you where to go, especially as there were so many doors to go through, anyway off we went into the main arena (old skool) to find it filling out nicely (that's always the problem with new events, you never know if there going to fill or not, even though this event didn't fill totally, it did pack quite a few in, especially for a first event).

After listening to some good classic hardcore for half an 

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hour it was time to find the proper hardcore arena, but could we, hell no, every door we went through seemed to bring us back to the old skool arena and everyone we asked didn't have a clue, after about another ten minutes of searching we finally found some stairs which looked promising, but how many stairs, fine for now but as the evening gets on I could see these being a problem (you know what I mean!!).

At last the hardcore arena, this was pumping already 

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and nicely filled up, how they all found it I will never know. Now I won't go on about who played what because I will be here all day but I must say that there was a fine selection of hardcore played from old to new, just what I like with the best sets going out to Ponder & Happy Bounce, Storm and Kaos and down in the old skool arena the best set goes out to Jimmy J because he played a set of 95/96 hardcore which you just can't beat, with Squirrel playing the best set of old skool as always, if I had to pick my favourite old skool DJ it 

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would have to be Squirrel, I had never really heard of him before about three years ago but now he's a must.

Back to the event and the hardcore crowd were 'avin' it upstairs and the old skool crowd were lovin' it down stairs, I didn't know where to go, nor did most of the other ravers in the place as one minute they were upstairs then the next they where downstairs, the production in both arenas was pretty much spot on with a kicking sound system in both arenas (even though 

resonance2-12-00pic5.jpg (296762 bytes)

when the music went quite upstairs in the hardcore arena you could hear the sound system downstairs) and a pucker laser in the old skool arena, I spent many a minute staring into the bright green light, and I expect I wasn't the only one. 

Overall a very, very good night with good production and good DJs and all for a tenner, what more could you ask for?? The atmosphere was second to none with absolutely no attitude what so ever ,except from the 

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security, I never witnessed any my self but I was told by quite a few people including a female who got chucked out for no reason at all, and they wouldn't even let her tell her mates she was being chucked out in the middle of London on her own, now this just isn't on and after having a few words with the promoters who subsequently went and had a word with the management of the venue, this was sorted out and is promised not to happen again which is excellent news because this is a top venue and a soon to be top promoter and I can't 

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wait for the next one. 

All I have left to say is well done Resonance for putting on such a good first event, I can see you going a long long way, I can't wait for the next one.


BIG SHOUTS: Neil and the new love of your life, Dan the Man, Mike, Tom (DJ U4EA) and your new girlfriend (I forget her name, I'm terrible with names sorry), Tony and all the Resonance crew, all the Raindance crew, and everyone else I met on the night,

Take it easy!!

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It had finally arrived, the hours had ticked away, it was the 2nd December - time for Resonance at the Scala. Tony Raindance had decided to start up his own Old Skool / Hardcore rave, and after all the excitement leading up to it, the event was finally upon us. After some dodgy Metropolitan line / Chiltern line shenanigans and a swift half (or was it a whole one?) in a pub in Angel, myself, Kat, Andy and Nat eventually arrived at Kings Cross for the USH pre-rave meetup. Miss Go Mental came and told us that the USH crew were in a 

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nearby pub, so we made our way down there to meetup with some familiar faces. At about 10:30pm a few of us made our way to the venue, and I met up with Kev and we entered the unknown territory (in raving terms) that is called The Scala!

I think the best way to highlight the contrast between this venue and other raving venues is that by the end of the night my white gloves were - wait for it - STILL WHITE! Amazing - I might actually use them again - a 

resonance2-12-00pic12.jpg (235779 bytes)

complete shock to me not leaving the venue with dirty, smelly grey gloves! We entered the lobby area, made our way up some serious amounts of stairs and walked into the Hardcore room. My first impression was that the venue was so clean and so well proportioned. When I looked over the balcony onto the Old Skool arena I couldn't believe it! The Scala is an old theatre - so I guess the Old Skool room was the stage, backstage and the stalls. There were two bar areas where I guess the Dress Circle and Upper Circle would be. The Hardcore 

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room must have been the upper seating bit - I would say it held about 300 or so ravers - with the Old Skool room holding about 700.

So, Kev was up first on the decks, and when the carts finally arrived, and the amp switched on, our very own DJ Voltage started spinning his tunes. I feel sorry for the rest of the people who weren't let in till about 11:30pm cos you all missed the first part of an absolutely blinding set. He started off with some older tunes, mixing into 

Scott Brown's Hardcore Vibes, and cranking up the bpms. All in all, a wicked set, mixing old and new to perfection - getting the crowd up for the next DJ.

Yes, that's right, it was time for the legend that is DJ Brisk! Brisk must be a promoter's heaven, as I really think that you can guarantee that every time he is booked he plays an absolute stormer. This set was by no means an exception! An up-front set of the highest quality, mixing brilliantly (what else could we expect?), 

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selecting only the best new tunes. 
MC Elmo was on the mic - as he was most of the night - and I really do think that he deserves a paragraph of his own here. With all the new DJs coming through, you would have thought that a similar thing would have happened with the MCs. OK, there is a "core" of blinding MCs at the moment (Storm, Whizzkid, Odyssey et al) that have been around for a fair while - but there hasn't seemed to be a great influx of new, quality MCs like there has been with DJs. But Elmo has 

really stood out from the crowd - he is the one to watch for the future. I have so much respect for this geezer. I've heard him MC at Raindance and Elation, but to be honest I'd never taken much notice - but at Resonance he really MCed to perfection. So much energy, so much talent - whereas many MCs only serve to piss you off, Elmo really got the crowd going. Wicked - keep it up mate!!

Blimey, anyway, who next? Yeah, that's right, it was DJ 

resonance2-12-00pic17.jpg (196232 bytes)

Bosha on the decks. Bosha played a nice set from 1997 to modern, up-front stuff. I stayed for most of this set, jumping up and down like a mad-man, trying desperately to avoid Crissy begging me to spank her botty (haha), and wildly attempting to kick Happy Bounce. I stepped out onto the balcony at one point during Bosha's set to check out the view, then suddenly remembered that Brisk was on the decks down there! So I jumped down 23 flights of stairs and found the Old Skool arena. Quite a lot of the USH crew were on the 

stage, strutting their funky stuff to some superb old skool sounds from 1992 to 1995 - so I decided to show them how it was done.

After making a complete tit of myself in the Old Skool room I got the climbing gear out and started the ascent up to Mt Scala (2023m). I stopped at Base Camp One (the VIP Bar thing) and had a quick nosey around there. After getting completely side-tracked, once again, I completed the rest of the ascent - I even forgot my 

resonance2-12-00pic18.jpg (207422 bytes)

breathing equipment, but somehow managed it anyway. Altitude sickness was taking its toll, so I took some medication for it (hmm) and was just in time for the start of Uplift's set! (OK, stupid mountain metaphor will now stop!)

Uplift, once again, played a stupendously spectacular set - mainly new stuff, incorporating many exclusive dub-plates, including DJ Voltage's National Grid - wicked tune! A quick word about the production 

around the whole venue I think now. The sounds throughout the venue was clear and loud (I think it could have been a little louder in the hardcore venue though at some points), the lighting was very nice in the Old Skool arena (the hardcore arena was good too, taking into account that it was the second arena!) and the laser in the old skool room was superb. The venue was apparently fully air-conditioned - and to be honest I did notice it, and it was nice to be kept reasonably not-boiling, if not entirely cool.

resonance2-12-00pic19.jpg (161670 bytes)

I was advised by many people to make sure I left the hardcore arena by the time Ponder and Happy Bounce came on (actually, I think it was Ponder and Happy Bounce that told me that) - but I ignored their advice and endured a whole hour's worth of clang-festing! Haha, no, honestly, this was probably my set of the night. They played some wicked classics from 1995/6 (just my style!), with some superb scratching from Ponder, and MC Elmo on the mic again. When "Euphoria" came on, I was, erm, in euphoria! Then 
Incognito was played, and I went truly bezerk - I needed almost all of the next set just to calm down!!

The next set was meant to be Herman and Storm - but to be honest I only saw Storm there, but I could have been mistaken (I was seeing things that really I shouldn't have been seeing that night, so I don't entirely trust my eye-sight). Anyway, Storm seemed to be playing lots of new unreleased stuff from himself and Herman, mixed in with some tunes from the last couple of years. I was 

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raving for most of the set, but somehow kept on wandering off in random directions and ending up in completely strange bits of the venue, talking to people I had never met before, forgetting countless numbers of peoples' names, visiting the toilet many times, but always leaving the toilet without filling my water bottle, then having to go back in, then forgetting again, etc, etc! Bizarre.

DJ Kaos was to play the last set of the night, and with 
MC Ethos on the mic he got the place going again, right until the end. The hardcore arena did tend to vary drastically in terms of people dancing all the way through the night. At some points the floor was almost full, yet at others there seemed to be not so many ravers dancing. Strangely enough, though, it didn't seem to correlate with the quality of music being played, in my opinion. But anyway, sure enough, the floor was full for Kaos' set - playing lots of new tracks from himself and others - including that one by Kaos and Ethos, with that trancey 

resonance2-12-00pic23.jpg (168892 bytes)

vocal bit, which speeds up after the intro, anyway I can't describe it, but for some reason that vocal has stuck in my head and I really like it. For some reason the only times I've really heard Kaos sets have been at the end of nights, and I'm normally really knackered by then, and don't seem to appreciate the sets as much as I should - but I enjoyed this set - ending the night well.

All in all, I was impressed. I was impressed with the venue, I was impressed with the people, the music, the 
production. I was extremely impressed with the turn out, especially as it was Resonance's first rave. Now, personally I had no trouble whatsoever with the security, in fact if it weren't from what others had told me I would be sitting here saying how wonderful they were - I didn't even get searched (only cos I went in half an hour early), and didn't actually talk to security all night. However, I have heard grumblings, I did know that Jexxy got chucked out (how they could pick the one person that really deserved to get chucked out the least out of 

resonance2-12-00pic26.jpg (195421 bytes)

everyone in the venue astounds me), and other little things. It was a slight shame, yet I fully appreciate that this is the venue's problem, nothing to do with Resonance, but all the same I have the greatest confidence that little things like this will be ironed out for Resonance 2! And on that note - BRING ON RESONANCE 2!!!!

And that was that - Resonance over, so I stumbled out of the venue, sat in Kings Cross station for a couple of 
hours (don't ask me why), went to McDonalds, took a train to Camden, wandered around Camden Market for a few hours, got really confused in Cyber Dog, somehow found ourselves staring at strange pot-bellied pigs and weird birds, walked down a canal thing, eventually found a public toilet, sat in the women's loo for a while (again, don't ask), found Oxford Street, walked down there trying to collect as many leaflets as we could, went to Boots to get my photos developed, sat in a bookshop for an hour, got very concerned that 

resonance2-12-00pic27.jpg (141393 bytes)

people were looking at us, had a cup of coffee (about our fourth that morning), went back to Boots, found out they'd actually been late in developing the photos, got them for free, sat in McDonald's again, looked at photos, realized it was about 4pm, got really worried about what we'd been doing for 10 hours in London on a Sunday morning, then got a train home. My god.

Massive huge shouts and hugs to: Kat (Little Miss Feline), James, Nat, Andy, Kev, Caine, Muzzy, Jexxy 
(you're really really absolutely gob-smackingly oh so sexy), Nic and Dan from OneLove, SiMDMA, Barking Boy, Paul, BeckiBoo, MissGoMental, Ponder, Happy Bounce, Sonic, Uplift, Crissy, Androooo, Stix, Icekold, Elmo, Dan and Joe Haynes, Viking, Fussion, Space, DJ Storm, Jamie, Tony Resonance, Dick Raindance, Richard Raindance, Grant Epidemik, Peter Ethos, Danny, Brisk, James Bosha, Kaos, all the DJs, all the MCs, everyone I met, everyone I didn't meet!
Tom Bennett / DJ U4EA

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