24th July 1999

@The Rocket, Holloway Road


Raindance is known for it's excellence, excellent production, excellent value for money, excellent line up and an excellent atmosphere. They have moved around many venues in their 10 year history and have always kept up the standard, now their about to blast off at the Rocket, can they keep their excellence

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I went to find out.........

Myself and my two very good friends Dan & Jemma arrived at 

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the Rocket at around 10pm and their was already a nice queue building up. Once it had opened, (around 10.20pm) we went in and went straight up stairs to the main arena (oldskool (once we found it that was) ). The whole place seemed a lot smaller than I remembered but it has been eight years since I've been!

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It didn't really start filling up until about midnight where the music in the old skool room was getting the place jumping (being played by the residents).

As usual the production was nearly 100% with only a few

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minor problems with the sound system every now and then. The sound was plenty loud enough and the lasers and lights were blinding (the lasers being in the crowd where they should be). The only other problem I noticed was the heat, I was sweating my nuts off even when I wasn't dancing!

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At around 2am I moved down to the Ibizan house party room to listen to Al Jay and Allan Barker who both played absolutely blinding sets getting the crowd going crazy, it took me back to when I was in Ibiza and just made me want to go back there again. Yet again there was a few problems with the sound

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system but apart from that this room seemed to go down really well, and was packed every time I went in it, this room was also by the doors to outside so the temperature was just about right.

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On the way back to the old skool room I stopped off at the drum & bass arena which was probably the most packed arena in the place and the crowd seemed to be loving it with the best of drum & bass being played, I don't know who was playing or mc'ing but they were doing an excellent job!

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Moving back to the old skool arena and being confronted by a ten foot tall robot and raindance man walking around I went to listen to slipmatt, unfortunately he didn't turn up (where was you matt??).

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Vibes was on at 4am with as usual an excellent set of old skool followed by the Rat Pack finishing an excellent night of music. The sound seemed to be twice as loud for the Rat Pack, don't know why!!

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The security seemed O.K. on the way in but I did see them get heavy a few times in there and they seemed to be everywhere.

Overall the whole night was excellent and Raindance yet again proved that they are a top promoter, excellent production,

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excellent value for money, excellent music, and above all excellent people, I didn't see one bit of attitude all night which is how it should be (love, peace and unity).

The only really big downfall of the night was coming out in the

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morning to find the car broken into and at least another five done as well.

To the c*nts that done this.....watch out, if we ever find out who you are start praying.

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Security-please keep an eye on the punters cars, we are paying your wages remember.

To all those who got their car broken into, we hope you didn't loose to much as we did and next time take the train just to be

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careful, we are.

A big shout out to the raindance crew, nuff respect.

See you all at the next one!

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