24th June 2000

@The Drome, London bridge


raindance24-6-00front.jpg (67076 bytes) It's Wednesday already and I'm still having trouble getting over the weekend, and boy it was worth it, it was the best birthday night out I've ever had, it was  unbelievably, brilliantly, MASSIVE. It went like this...

I had been waiting for this day since the last Raindance as I was ill at the last one and this time it was my birthday as well , and the day was finally here, I was ready really early as the excitement grew inside me, so off I went to meet 

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everyone else and kick their backsides in gear and get them to hurry up because I wanted to go out and PARTY!! (and party I did).

As it happens after waiting for my good old friend Greg we ended up getting to the venue at around 9.45pm, just the right time, after meeting some more friends outside off we went to get in, and how easy was that, they sure have sorted out the queuing system, all thirty of us were in, in 

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raindance24-6-00front.jpg (67076 bytes)

around 3 minutes flat. The buzz seemed to be a bit quiet outside, probably because I'm used to seeing huge queues and loads of people.

Once inside it was different, it was only just gone 10pm and the place was buzzing with everyone preparing for a top night, I was disappointed to see the hardcore room still in the slightly smaller arch because it was full already while all the others arenas were only half full, I was 

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impressed that they have finally sorted out a laser for this arena, hardcore isn't hardcore without a laser!! yet again hardcore proved it's far from dying and slammed all night long, LONG LIVE ALL THE TRUE HARDCORE RAVERS!!

After spending the first couple of hours in the hardcore room listening to Ponder & Happy bounce, Herman & Storm (I think) the place was rocking so much that the heat became unbearable so I went for a chill.

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raindance24-6-00front.jpg (67076 bytes) After chilling for a while by the side doors me and my friend Dan kept getting up to go to an arena to have a dance but there seemed to be so many people there I knew or had meet during the evening I couldn't go more than two steps  before being collared by someone for a chat so I ended up staying in the chill out for about two hours (just like a light weight). When I finally did get up I headed for the old skool arena just in time for the Rat Pack who yet again proved why they are so popular and 

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they got the place going crazy, it's weird that old skool is still so popular 10 years down the line even with the younger ravers.

After the RatPack I was back into the hardcore arena and the house arena, the house room seemed to be more popular than normal with some excellent tunes being played by all DJs all night.

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raindance24-6-00front.jpg (67076 bytes) Getting too hot again so time for another chill out, and to listen to my friend DJ Cristo playing some of the best old, old skool tunes I've heard in the chill out arch, luckily he was playing in there for two hours so it gave me a good excuse to sit down and have a good old chat with everyone, by now the time was getting on but you would never of guessed it, the place was still packed solid and despite the heat everyone still seemed to be dancing like mad, by now I had met this lovely lady called Emily (a 

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friend of a friend) and spent the rest of the night chatting to her as well as going in the Drum + Bass arena and spending the last hour in the old skool arena.

On the way out (at 8am) I was surprised to find my friend Dean slumped over a table fast asleep especially as it was so loud in there (and I thought I was getting old!!), the rest of the production was 100% (as if we would expect anything else from raindance) apart from one point in the 

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raindance24-6-00front.jpg (67076 bytes) night when all the lights in the place went out for about 5-10 minutes, the music kept playing and everyone kept dancing in the pitch black, I just happened to be walking from one arena to the next which was a bit difficult.

OVERALL: definitely one of my all time top five best raves, just like the old days, the music, the set up, the venue, the security, the promoters, and most of all the ravers, lets hope Raindance keep getting the support they 

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deserve for keeping the scene alive.

I will definitely see you all at the next one, and if you still haven't been to a Raindance yet, YOU REALLY DON'T KNOW WHAT YOUR MISSING.

BIG BIG SHOUTS going out to Emily (thanks for putting up with me talking crap all night), Greg-Mark-Steve-Paul-Sam-Dan (thanks for taking the 

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raindance24-6-00front.jpg (67076 bytes) piss out off my hair!), Mike, Cristo, Al Jay, everyone I met on the night (too many to mention), and not forgetting all of the Raindance crew for putting on such a good and memorable night.


P.S I'm going to hassle Raindance to put on a new years eve event, make sure you all hassle them too!!

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The week leading up to Raindance was supposed to be a good week, after we beat the Germans in euro 2000, but it all went tits up against Romania, SHIT! After making many phone calls to my mates the general mood in the camp was depression almost suicidal.

At least we had Raindance to look forward too, and if

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raindance24-6-00front.jpg (67076 bytes)

 that was shit (which it wasn't) I wouldn't be writing this review, I'd probably be pushing up the daisies after slashing my wrists.

THANK YOU RAINDANCE, you saved my life!!

The night was the dogs bollox, every one was smiling, dancing and generally going nutty. All the rooms were rammed, the music was top class, especially the old skool 

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'cause that's what I went for', the drum + bass was rocking and full of happy smiley people which is generally quite rare.

The Hardcore room was the best though, the atmosphere was unbelievable, I didn't want to leave to go for a piss in case I missed something, even the house room, which by the way I really hate, was enjoyable.

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raindance24-6-00front.jpg (67076 bytes)

All the chill out areas had bodies everywhere with peoples heads nodding to the beat of the music, everywhere you looked people were enjoying themselves, which is what it's all about.

Big, big, big respect to the raindance crew.

Big shouts to everyone who was there, including my MC, MC Insanity, Nic onelove, Mark, Paul, Sam the thief, Dan from Brentwood, The woking massive, Dean the piss head, Rowan the fat bastard and all the Raindance cru.


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