21st April 2000

@The Drome, London bridge

raindance21-4-00.jpg (49808 bytes) Raindance @ the Drome on the 21st April 2000, the 'long good friday' and what a night, what a long night, what a long good night, what a long good friday!!

Yet again Raindance prove themselves to be the best promoter around at the moment and even though I was ill that night, myself, all my mates and everyone else in the place seemed to

have a top night. This is how it went!!!

My mates and I arrived at the Drome at around 10.20pm to find no queue and no-one hanging around outside (from previous experience there is usually a huge queue by now and people everywhere!) what's going on??? To speed things up and get people in quicker there was now two entrances to the Drome,

raindance21-4-00.jpg (49808 bytes)
raindance21-4-00.jpg (49808 bytes) one for guestlist and paying customers (the main entrance) and one for ticket holding customers (around the corner), that's where all the people were and I didn't realize until I walked into the place. And from what I heard from many a people is that this queuing system worked a treat, I didn't queue what so ever and the people in the ticket queue didn't have to wait no more than 15 minutes, which is an excellent improvement on the 
previous events, WELL DONE RAINDANCE!

After getting into the venue and heading straight to the hardcore arena I noticed just how packed it was already, the place had only been open 25 minutes and was filling up nicely already, it looked as though yet again Raindance @ the Drome was going to be a sell out.

raindance21-4-00.jpg (49808 bytes)
The set up of all the arenas was basically the same as the previous events here except the cloakroom had been moved and was now a chill out room. The hardcore room had been changed around but was still in the same arch, I thought it was a lot better than previous being this way around and from what I've heard within the next couple of events it is going to be moved into a bigger arch, and with the hardcore scene starting 
to grow again this is going to be much needed and appreciated by all the hardcore ravers out there.

When I arrived in the hardcore room DJ Bosha was playing an excellent set of happy hardcore with one of my ex girlfriends records being played as I walked into the room (thanks!). The hardcore room was filling up nicely with nutty ravers already up 

raindance21-4-00.jpg (49808 bytes)
for it and dancing like mad.

Heading to the house room I noticed how empty this room was (compared to normal) so I trekked of to the old skool room to see what was cooking, and to me it looked like it was cooking pretty well, excellent tunes being played, the dance-floor packed with young and old ravers dancing their nuts off, mind 

blowing lights and lasers and a sound system that yet again seemed louder than before (and believe me, that was loud), I actually spent quite a lot of time in this arena tonight which is unusual for me as I like hardcore so much, but the music, people, and production were so good in here I stayed! with the best set of the night being played by Whizzkick, Germany's no.1 P.A and now I know why, they played some excellent  raindance21-4-00.jpg (49808 bytes)
raindance21-4-00.jpg (49808 bytes) tunes including some excellent 'new' old skool tunes, I think they were on around 12-1am and definitely one of my highlights of the evening, especially the raindance tune they played. After they had finished I trekked back to the house arena to hear my good old friend Al Jay play, and I must say I've never heard him play so good with such a good selection of hard house tunes and he seemed to be enjoying it more than anyone else in the 
room (by this time the room was packed and kicking) unfortunately Alan Barker couldn't make his set but Al Jay more than made up for this. (nice one Al Jay, can't wait to hear you again.) Other good sets in this room were by Matt J & Tony R and of course the one and only DJ Cristo who also played an excellent 2hour set in the chillout  arch playing some real old, old skool. raindance21-4-00.jpg (49808 bytes)
raindance21-4-00.jpg (49808 bytes) Moving back to the hardcore arch (in between chilling out in both chill out areas and feeling really ill and spending some time in the ticket booth) I went to listen to Mark E.G who played a mad set of trancecore and Vibes who played a top set of  trancecore and happy hardcore.

Throughout the atmosphere was second to none with only 

hearing of one bit of trouble which was swiftly sorted out by security and at 6am when it was advertised to be closing they came on the mike and announced they was staying open till 8am which went down a storm and by the looks of things most people decided to stay until the end, even I couldn't leave and I was still feeling ill. raindance21-4-00.jpg (49808 bytes)
raindance21-4-00.jpg (49808 bytes) So all in all the Raindance crew have done it yet again, excellent venue (I think they will be sticking to this venue for quite a while), excellent arenas playing excellent music, excellent people bringing an excellent atmosphere, excellent production (no expense spared) WELL DONE RAINDANCE, keep it up.

The next event is on the 24th June @ the Drome and this is one 

event I am definitely not going to miss (no matter how I am feeling) see you all there!!


BIG shouts going out to GREG, STEVE, PAUL AND SAM, also mike the M.C, Dave (good seeing you again), Al Jay (good set), and D.J Cristo (the interviews done at long last!)

raindance21-4-00.jpg (49808 bytes)


raindance21-4-00.jpg (49808 bytes)

Easter Friday arrives and where else to go but The Drome and Raindance. The Long Good Friday certainly proved to be good but not long enough. The last event Raindance put on was spot-on, yet I knew that  done once, it could be done again!

After a short walk from london bridge station we arrived in the tunnel to be greeted by hundreds of ravers already tearing down the surroundings with whistles and horns and we weren't even inside yet! There was an evident 'buzz' about the ravers already and with music

thumping inside, I knew this was going to be a good night.

The queue went down quite quick and the searches were even quicker-10 out of 10 for Raindance for the excellent security (I actually saw them smile!).

On entrance to the venue I noticed that Raindance had somehow improved on last time with their production. The sound systems were thumping-and I must say the old skool arena was 

raindance21-4-00.jpg (49808 bytes)

raindance21-4-00.jpg (49808 bytes)

banging, and with a DJ looking down over the crowd the atmosphere was second to none. As were the lasers.

After walking around the venue I noticed how hundreds of ravers had turned into thousands-everywhere you looked there were smiling faces-something not so common at raves now day's.

The music in every room was top quality with DJs on the night including 'Nicky Blackmarket-what can I say, Vibes-still going strong, and the Ratpack-who actually played different tunes-what a fuc*ing amazing night!! Even Everson Allen managed to stay on his feet this time!

The only points which were disappointing were the lack of water after only 5 hours and the lack of sound in the drum + bass room half way through the night. By this stage however 

raindance21-4-00.jpg (49808 bytes)
raindance21-4-00.jpg (49808 bytes) most people were too mashed to notice or care. Also the night went to quickly, where did the 4 hours from 2am-6am go?? One minute everyone was enjoying themselves, the next it was almost time to go home.

If you're reading this review cos you were there, I'm sure you will agree that the night was wicked. An excellent production, line up and vibe kept the massive happy. If your reading this to try and decide whether to go to the next Raindance, then I'm sorry .......,I'm sorry 

you missed the last events as they were wicked. Every raver should experience a Raindance production if not for the old skool, drum + bass or hardcore, then for the vibe. Each music has it's own scene yet Raindance have created a scene of their own-a wicked night, a wicked crowd, and whatever your taste in music, you should sample the Raindance delights cos you never know what new delicacy they are going to serve up next. raindance21-4-00.jpg (49808 bytes)
raindance21-4-00.jpg (49808 bytes) Big shouts out to little miss old skool, the old git and his bird, Ez(7???) and liam (red alert)

see you at the next one-noisy happy people only please