21st April 2001

@The Brixton Academy, Brixton, London 


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Raindance has had to move to the Brixton academy due to unforeseen circumstances at the Drome, can they bring the production, the people and most of all the Raindance vibe to the Brixton academy for which the Drome was famous for, I went to find out...

I had only ever been to the Brixton academy once before and that was quite a few years ago to see the prodigy in 

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concert and to be honest it was a bit of a nightmare full of punk rockers and not a raver in the place so I was really looking forward to going back to the academy and raving with a venue full of ravers. I was not disappointed!!

Before this event I had a lot of people worried if Raindance could pull of this move to the Brixton academy and to be honest I was a bit concerned my self, even on

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the night once we had arrived and entered the venue at around 10.30pm it seemed very quiet, especially for a raindance event (if you have been to raindance before you will now what I mean!). once inside I couldn't believe how big this place was (it didn't seem this big the last time I was here), the main arena was absolutely huge, probably larger than the sanctuary! The only problem being that it was so huge it seemed pretty empty, well at first it did 

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anyway, after going around and trying to find all the other arenas and ending back in the main arena at about midnight for the Ratpack the place had packed out nicely and the Ratpack had got the crowd going absolutely nuts. Let me tell you a bit about this arena, not only being huge, Raindance had outdone themselves yet again with production which included one of the loudest sound systems I have heard in a very long time (speaking to the 

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promoter after, he said he wasn't quite satisfied with it, how loud he wants his systems I don't know!), and several, no in fact I think it was five huge video screens displaying some brilliant video visuals to expand the mind! The reason they put so much effort into the video screens etc. was because they had to compensate not being aloud a laser by the nice people at the Brixton council (why they are so tough on lasers when other councils aren't I don't 

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know.) All this with all the usual lighting and backdrops you'd expect from Raindance made this arena one to remember. As for the other arenas, lets start with the drum + bass arena, this had to be the best sized and best placed (except having to walk through it to get in) arena apart from the main arena, this is one arena that seemed packed solid from beginning to end with a nice clear sound system and well up for it crowd, I didn't spend 

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much time in here so that's all I can say really. Next on to the house arena which was nicely sized for the house arena, a bit long and thin for my liking but the crowd didn't seem to mind. This was one arena which did take a while to fill out, the first time I went up there I was the only one in there apart from the DJs, which were Matt J and Tony R, not that this was anything to do with them as they played a wicked set. once Cristo had taken over a 

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few more people were in the place and this arena was starting to kick. when I returned to this arena about 3-4am it was rammed solid and absolutely kicking to the sounds of Aljay, so much that I didn't want to leave (the only reason I did was because my mate Dan was too hot and wanted to sit down), Aljay proved yet again he is the master of hard-house and this arena was probably the best arena of the night. Moving on to the hardcore arena, 

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why oh why does the hardcore arena always loose out, after being really impressed with the rest of the venue, this arena let the side down, from the moment I went in there it was packed (but that wasn't hard from the size of it), they only had speakers at one end of the arena (or should I call it hallway) and they were blown so the sound was not amusing at all, especially when the MC was talking, no disrespect to any MC that was MCing that night but 

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over them speakers you sounded terrible and should of stayed at home. As for the lighting, what lighting, it was too light to have any lighting.

10/10 to all the hardcore ravers in the place who didn't let the lack of production or arena get them down, as usual they kicked ass all night and I would of stayed in here a lot longer if it wasn't for the production and a DJ called 

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UFO I think! who started playing drum + bass for some unknown reason!!

Good news for all you hardcore ravers, I have been told by the promoters that the next Raindance (@the Drome) that the hardcore arena is going to be moved to the larger ex drum + bass arena. cooool.


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So overall yet another brilliant event put on by the Raindance crew, hopefully they have laid all there critics to rest now they have proved there is life after the Drome, I personally thought the night was tops and couldn't of asked for much more (except the hardcore arena), the sound was tops, the visuals were tops (even though there was no laser) and the atmosphere was tops (the usual Raindance atmosphere), even the security were tops as I 

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never saw them get on top at all, and everyone I spoke to on the night and after was also very impressed. If they ever had to go back to the Brixton Academy I certainly would be first at the door to get in... (although I am very glad that they are back at the Drome, I don't think you will ever beat a Raindance at the Drome!)

Big big shouts going out to...All of the Raindance crew yet 

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again for a night to remember, Dan the man, Mike, Greg, Steve, Paul, Dean, Neal (cheers mate), Mark, all the females I met, all the females I missed, and to anyone else I may have forgotten.

See you all at the Drome on the 23rd June 2001




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