19th February 2000

@The Drome, London bridge


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raindance19-2-00front.jpg (52188 bytes) Here we go again, Raindance at the Drome, their last event here was a sellout masterpiece, it was the best event I went to last year so I couldn't wait to go again, so off I went!!

My girlfriend and I arrived at the Drome at around 9.30pm and was totally surprised at the queue we saw outside the venue, it was already going around the building and the event didn't even start until 10pm, after meeting some 

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raindance19-2-00front.jpg (52188 bytes) friends at the train station we got back to the queue at around 10.30pm and the queue was huge but it did seem as if it was moving quite quickly, we only had to wait around 5-10 minutes in the guest list queue.

Once we got in we couldn't help but notice how packed it was already, the place had only been open for half an hour and it was already starting to get rammed, it definitely looked as though this was going to be a sellout (and it was), the word must have got around about how good the last one was!

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raindance19-2-00front.jpg (52188 bytes) All the arena's were set out the same as last time with the old skool and drum + bass in the two main arena's and the hardcore and house in two slightly smaller arena's but all packed out and kicked all the way up till we left at around 6.30am. The sound system in all arena's seemed to be upgraded from last time and were ear blisteringly loud, (I don't know if its because I'm getting old but it was hurting my ears it was so loud), the rest of the production was again 100% with no problems what so ever (none that I saw or heard of anyway), with some excellent backdrops and mind blowing lasers in the 

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raindance19-2-00front.jpg (52188 bytes) oldskool room. There was also plenty of merchandise stalls out in the reunion chillout arch ranging from energy drinks to records to official Raindance jackets to glow sticks, and there was even an appearance by Raindance man this time.

DJ SY played the best set in the hardcore arena playing some excellent happy hardcore, all the rest of the DJs seemed to play trancecore/techno which seemed to go down well at first but I think people were getting fed up with it by the end of the night. 

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raindance19-2-00front.jpg (52188 bytes) DJs ALAN BARKER and DJ CRISTO played the best sets in the house arena from what I heard with DJ CRISTO also playing an excellent set in the reunion chillout arch with some real old classic tunes.

DJs JIMMY J, SQUIRREL and THE RAT PACK (even though Everson Alan decided to trip over after his set with a full pint of drink in his hand) seemed to play the best old skool sets with top class old skool classics being played (it's funny how you never get fed up with listening to old skool even 

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raindance19-2-00front.jpg (52188 bytes) though you have heard the tunes a thousand times before!!)

The atmosphere was unbelievable with every one in an excellent mood smiling, shacking everyone's hands and cuddling one another, yet again I got to know so many new people it was just like the old days of raving, just how it should be, I didn't see one bit of trouble or attitude all night and speaking to one of the security guards neither did they, and I must say how nice the security seemed from getting in to leaving, well done!!

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raindance19-2-00front.jpg (52188 bytes) So Raindance do it yet again, they prove that they can put on a party to remember and this one is going to be hard to top probably only being toped by themselves later in the year, I'm already looking forward to the next one and I haven't even got over the last one yet!!



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raindance19-2-00front.jpg (52188 bytes) Big shouts out to my girlfriend Nicky, Dan, Greg, Mark, Leyla, Paul, all the Raindance crew for such an excellent night and everyone else I met on the night especially the ones that read my magazine. 

A BIG BIG shout goes out to Tony for sorting me out a Raindance jacket NICE ONE!



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