6th May 2001

@The Penthouse , Hitchin


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Happy birthday to the Next Generation crew!!

This was the first legal Next Generation event I had been to so I was looking forward to seeing what they had in store for their 3rd birthday celebrations as their illegal events are tops. I was not disappointed...


Me and my mates Sam, Chris, and mike arrived at the venue in Hitchin (which was very easy to find, even if it was a bit of a trek) before the event had even started (a first for me), even though we arrived early the nice Next Generation crew still let us in so we went and had a look 

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around the club while it was empty. Considering it was a small club, the Next Generation crew had done a superb job in decorating the place and making it personally unique and the sound system was way, way loud enough and perfectly clear, and when they turned the laser on later in the night I was gob smacked, I have been raving

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11 years and  have never seen such a powerful laser in such a small venue and it was absolutely brilliant, you can't beat a good laser show and boy was this a good laser show with many of the people in the place hypnotized by the lasers rays. (I'm  surprised that no-ones eyes were burnt out as it was that powerful) This is how 

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all lasers should be in all venues!!!

At around 11pm the place started to fill out nicely and by midnight the place was rammed, the good thing about small venues is that you get to know a lot of the people in the place and the event becomes very friendly with a 

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good atmosphere, everyone in the place tonight had a big smile on there face even the security (look at pick 6!!) and I didn't see one bit of trouble at all, all night long which is pretty rare these days.

The music being played tonight was a very good selection 

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of old skool and drum & bass which I enjoyed listening to (even though some bits were a bit too dark for me), the DJs on the night seemed on top form with very little mistakes and played the music the crowd seemed to love, I can't name any of the resident DJs because I don't really know who they are but top marks to them and the MCs 

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on the night.

The Ratpack were supposed to turn up at 1am (I think) but turned up late and ended up turning up at the same time as Nicky Blackmarket which meant they done almost the last set which was probably better as it finished 

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at 4am and most of the people in the place were still up for more, The Ratpack yet again played a superb set (the set of the night), one of their new sets which mix old skool and new skool together which I personally think sounds excellent, and Nicky Blackmarket played an excellent set of drum & bass.

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So overall a very impressive night from the Next Generation crew, from the sound system to the laser to the happy crowd of party people. Definitely a promoter to look out for in the future, if you've never been to a Next Generation event make sure you check them out 

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some time!!

Big Big shouts going out to...all of the Next Generation crew for an excellent night (you will definitely be seeing me again, and thanks for making us feel so welcome), Sam, Chris (for taking loads of photo's), Mike, Grant 

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(Epidemik), and all the happy party people in the house...



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