24th February 2001



It had been a long, long time since I had been to an illegal rave (1994 to be exact (I didn't know promoters still put on illegal raves like this, although with the serious lack of licensed all night venues about what is a promoter to do))  so I was really looking forward to this, to see if they still had that 'not knowing what's going to happen, underground feel and special buzz' that only an illegal rave can create, I was not disappointed!

After an hour long journey we were at the meeting point (good job as I didn't have a clue where we were or where we was going) another five 

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mile trek and we finally arrive at a huge piece of land in the middle of nowhere with loads of empty buildings just sitting there waiting to be abused including one building that was so big it was more like an abbey, from what I'm told, all of these buildings used to be part of a mental institute. The building for this evenings raving was being held in one of the smaller buildings right at the back of the land, this building was just the right size for the amount of people who turned up (if this event gets bigger and more popular, which I'm sure it will, there are plenty more larger buildings for the promoters to move into), also it was a long way from the nearest 

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main road (which was more like a country road than a main road), you could drive right up to the building the event was being held in but only if the gate to the land was unlocked by one of the promoters to let you in. Being so far away from the public eye the event wasn't causing a nuisance or disturbing the public in any way thus no reason for anyone to call and complain to the police, (the last thing you need when your out raving is to get busted and I'm sure the promoters wouldn't of been too pleased having their equipment confiscated, when your a promoter putting on events like this you are taking a huge risk of getting caught, but that's part of the buzz, 

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(I know because I used to put on illegal party's back in 1992 in an old barn down by Brands Hatch called Noise Pollution)  not that the police could of done a lot as the  whole area was fenced off with a locked gate.

Once inside the venue and finding we was early (one of the first to arrive)  we was very impressed with the set up, the usual mixing equipment, a couple of lights and a very impressive and very loud sound system, it was a good job that this venue was miles away from anywhere because I'm sure you could off heard this system a good half a mile away. When you put on 

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an illegal event you have to keep it as basic as possible (easy get away, less equipment to get confiscated if you get raided, plus your doing it for the buzz and not the money as you never make a profit)

11pm and it's time for everyone to start arriving, slowly at first but I'm not surprised as they probably spent 20 minutes trying to find the place and to make matters worse, it was pouring down with snow. By 1am the place had packed out nicely which is pretty good going as the only way they advertise these events is by word of mouth. Now it had packed out it was 

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starting to warm up inside the place (it was a bit nippy to begin with, as I said earlier, it was pouring with snow outside and this place didn't have no heating). Once full the place started to rock to the sounds of a night of drum & bass, I couldn't tell you who was playing but I couldn't fault any of them including the MC's, the first few hours was full off jump up jungle which got the place kicking, then for the next few hours the dark side of drum & bass was brought out for the ravers pleasure, although I don't mind the darker side of drum & bass 3-4 hours worth was all I could take so being 5.30am we decided to leave (it went on for several more hours after 

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we left), we went out and sat in our friends car, our friends were already out there sitting in the car watching as people were leaving the venue and slipping arse over tit on a huge sheet of ice directly outside the venue, luckily I never fell over when I left, but it was funny watching everyone else fall.

Overall a very enjoyable night especially for an illegal rave (and I think they were only charging a couple of quid on the door ), the production was more than acceptable as was the atmosphere, loads of smiley happy faces 

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throughout the venue (apart from a couple of piss heads who disappeared by 2am). 

I will definitely be coming to there next event which I'm told is soon so keep a check of the site for more details as I will be listing all of Next-Generations future events.

Big Big shouts going out to....Steve (and his brother (sorry I've forgotten your name already)) and Elliot of Next-Generation (cheers for sorting us 

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out!!), Mark, Steve, Dan the Man, Mike and all the happy bods on the night.

see ya at the next one


To keep a check of what Next-Generation are up to then check out there web site..


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