@The Pleasure Rooms, Tottenham

10th June 2000


It's Saturday evening and me and my mates are getting bored, what's on? not a lot so we decide to check out The Lab at the Pleasure rooms.

We leave at around 11pm and with listening to my friend Greg and road works at Kings Cross it takes an incredible three hours to get there (it shout normally take no more than 40 minutes). We finally arrived at The 

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Pleasure Rooms at around 2am and we weren't a happy bunch of people (especially me as I had to drive as normal).

We entered to be greeted by some top tunes being played but no one to listen to them, I don't think I've ever been to the Pleasure rooms and it be so empty, It's a shame really because the music was good and the 

SHOUTS out to: Steve, Dean (for chatting up every single female in the place), greg (for getting us lost yet again (cheers mate)), and Dan. 

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people that were there were in a brilliant mood (and there seemed to be more females than males (just what I like to see)).

I can't tell you what DJ's were on as I didn't recognize any of them but most were good except Easy Ed, he played some top hardcore tunes but decided to ruin them all by constantly trying to scratch really really badly 

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throughout the whole set, thus empty what few people were in there to begin with.

Overall we still had a goodtime even though we got there late driving for 3 hours and the place was empty, hopefully they will sort it out and start filling the place, maybe they want to think about not making it a weekly event!! I personally can't see any reason for it being so empty. If you've nothing else to do make sure you check it out!