@The Pleasure Rooms, Tottenham


So, your looking for a good night out??

Decent tunes???

Plenty of atmosphere, and not an expensive price???

Try Labryth, as ever, it's still one of the best clubs in London, and the place to be. Wicked venue, four rooms to keep your night busy.

Happy Hardcore (with a safe as attitude, full of crazy ravers on a mission).

Drum & bass (jump up tunes, and a jump up massive all night long).

Old skool (nuff said)

And house and garage, take your pick, but whatever your choice, you can be guaranteed of a night full of top tunes to make you wanna shake ya booty!!

There's a licensed bar until 2am, water, glo sticks, and other raver necessities on sale through out the night.

So if you want a cheap, safe, and friendly night out, then look no further.

"only the happiest people need apply"

Happy raving!!!