HELTER SKELTER, one of the biggest and best dance events on in the country are back again at the sanctuary for another night of pure musical mayhem, we went to join in!!! After meeting/picking up everyone and the hour drive (which is pretty good for my car) we finally arrived  helter7-8-99pic1.jpg (24022 bytes)
at the sanctuary at around 10.15pm only to find there was no VIP parking and a very heavy police presence (I'll tell you about them later). after being sent over to the b&q car park we made our way to the main entrance, which for the time it was, was very quiet (it looks like skelter  helter7-8-99pic2.jpg (18065 bytes)
have finally sorted out the searches and got everyone in quick (may be some of the other promoters out there should take a few lessons from skelter, I'm sure you will agree)). Once we got in we were greeted by the booming sounds from inside the venues and screaming and dazzling  helter7-8-99pic3.jpg (21868 bytes)
lights from the fair rides, which were the sickliest looking rides I've seen there, that didn't stop the ravers though, all night long there was a queue to have a go (not me though I stuck to the bumper cars you can't beat a good bashing when your on one). We went into the sanctuary first to  helter7-8-99pic4.jpg (19842 bytes)
find some hardcore and that's what we found with dj breeze stompin the tunes as normal. I'm not really into d+b so when that came on I went for a walk to the other arena to find d+b playing. Finally force & styles came to the rescue with an absolutely blinding set of slightly older  helter7-8-99pic5.jpg (20280 bytes)
hardcore which seemed to go down 10x better than the new trancecore that's about and which so many djs seem to be playing rather than proper happy hardcore.

Next I went to see seduction who done his last set ever 

helter7-8-99pic6.jpg (18579 bytes)
and from what I was told nearly never turned up at all, maybe he shouldn't have because it wasn't up to scratch at all, playing some terrible tunes. By now the place seemed to be packed, wherever I went, there were people everywhere, I haven't seen it this packed all year.  helter7-8-99pic7.jpg (23272 bytes)
Trying to find a spot to chill was almost impossible. After a chill and a chat and meeting up with some old friends I decided it was time for some more music and went to listen to the one and only slipmatt who was playing some excellent classics, the only problem was that when he had  helter7-8-99pic8.jpg (18217 bytes)
finished I was told that dj sy had played at the same time in the other arena!!!

As usual the sound and lighting was over 100% with the sound in the rollers blowing me away. You couldn't ask 

helter7-8-99pic9.jpg (19109 bytes)

for better production.

I didn't see any problems or trouble throughout the whole night, in fact everyone seemed to be on an excellent buzz with plenty of smiles and hand shakes and meeting new 

helter7-8-99pic10.jpg (17694 bytes)
friends. The only trouble I did see (which didn't turn out to be trouble at all) was the old bill continuously taking people to the police van, I thought they were being nicked, but no they weren't, it's a new approach, anyone caught with any drugs (obviously not hundreds) is being 

helter7-8-99pic11.jpg (22370 bytes)

taken to the van and not nicked but given counciling and then allowed to go back in the rave. Well done Mr.policemen, it's about time.

So overall this was probably one of the best nights out I've had this year, and with the news of helter skelter 

helter7-8-99pic12.jpg (24249 bytes)

shutting down, what are we all going to do for an excellent night out, come on skelter, think again don't  stop yet, the new millennium is about to start. 

Anyway I will see you all at the next one (their birthday)