16th October 1999

@The Sanctuary, Milton Keynes


With the countdown to not only the millennium but also the end of helter skelter, we had to go to their last but one event to make the most of not just the millennium but the best event in the country.

helter16-10-99pic1.jpg (22439 bytes)

 After doing several pick ups and a four hour journey (which i didn't mind because i knew it would be worth it), we arrived to see people everywhere and knew then this was going to be a night to remember and it looked a complete sellout.

We arrived at around 10pm and after an unusually long wait in the guest list queue (not your fault spider) I was greeted by the most friendly and nice security I have ever seen in my ten year raving history, (now why can't all security be that nice??).

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As soon as we walked in we could see how packed it was and how packed it was going to get and with the noise we heard we knew we were going to go home with ringing in our ears (the skelter crew always seem to make the place louder at every event (probably because they

know we are all getting deaf)). the rest of the production yet again was the best you could ask for (and they always seem to get the best fair rides with queues all night).

After a little wonder around to see what was going on 

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we ended up in the old skool arena listening to hixxy play a blinding set taking us all back to the day (well done for bringing the old skool arena back), after hixxy had finished his set we went to see what else was playing only to find hixxy running across to the rollers, 

so we followed and listened to him play an excellent set of happy hardcore with some trance thrown in. I'm sure he was on for more than one set, it seemed to go on forever (I don't know who he was covering for though). After hixxy had finished in came the one and only 

Micky finn playing as usual an excellent set of drum & bass, for some reason the drum & bass tonight didn't seem to go down as well as the hardcore did, with the hardcore arena's packing out solid, who said hardcore was dead, far from it I think, maybe It's the promoters 

that are killing it. I was also surprised at how much new hardcore is being released.

After Micky Finn we went for a few goes on the fair rides and to watch a bugs life in the chill out tent, by 

now it was bloody freezing outside so we didn't stay long and went in to hear the ratpack playing some excellent old skool tunes (they even played some different tunes to what they usually play!)

By now me and my girlfriend had noticed how much the strobes were on and how powerful they were, I said to my girlfriend that if their not careful someone is going to have a fit, and guess what, not ten minutes after I said it someone was on the floor having a fit, I know you need 

good lighting, but strobes on all the time is not what we want, it does your head in, makes it impossible to walk through the crowd, and brings out fits in people, please promoters, less strobes in future. Unfortunately at the same time as the person who was having the fit, two 

other people collapsed in two other arena's, one seeming to be quite serious as they had to evacuate the whole of the sanctuary for over half an hour. All I can say is please calm down especially with new years eve coming up, and all of us at onelove promotions wishes 

all of you a speedy recovery and hope none were to serious. After being let back in the sanctuary we hung around to wait for slipmatt to play the final set which he did in style and made us leave on a high.


Overall yet again another brilliant night from the skelter crew and an excellent crowd which packed the place out all night.


Big shouts going out to....

Nicola & Cheryl, Steve and Paul, Dan & Gemma, the Basildon two, and the lot from hitchen and their mum!!