3rd March 2001



Happy birthday Future Dance!!!

Future Dance is one years old and what an excellent year it has been for not only Future Dance but also the hardcore scene, since Future Dance put on their first event one year ago, they have been putting on better and more popular events every time, now it's time for number five and the biggest and best event to date, Future Dance is the future of hardcore, hardcore is the future of Future Dance!!


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futuredance5front.jpg (102939 bytes) I have really been looking forward to tonight for a long time, it is one of the best events on at the moment (if not the best!) and it has been a long time since the last Future Dance here, also with Raindance cancelled last week this is one of the first main events of 2001 and it's March already.

Me and my mate Mike arrived at the venue at 8pm (opening time) to be greeted by the largest queue I have ever seen at Future Dance, this was definitely going to be their most popular event to date, lets hope they can put 

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on a show to please all these ravers.

Two minutes on the door and we were in, a bit longer for the ticket holders but not much longer by the looks of it. We were one of the first in and as only the one arena was open at first it didn't take long to pack out, I bet the techno DJ that was on thought it was his birthday, playing a first set in the smallest arena and playing to a packed out crowd. The other two arenas were opened shortly after 8.30pm (they were opened late because the sound systems didn't turn up until late), because of this I didn't 

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futuredance5front.jpg (102939 bytes) get to hear my good friend DJ U4EA play as he was on at 8pm in the old skool arena (this is the only reason I arrived at the venue so early!).

Once the main (hardcore) arena was opened just about everyone in the place piled in and was greeted to the sounds of DJ Smart-e playing one of the best sets of the night with plenty of happy hardcore putting everyone in an even better mood than they already were, as soon as everyone walked in the place they started dancing and this was the case for just about the rest of the night.


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As soon as you walked in the main arena all you could notice was how good the production was yet again and the best was yet to come. The sound system was crisp and clear and very, very loud, my ears were fu?*ed when I walked out of the place in the morning. The lights were literally blinding (maybe a bit to bright) and the laser put on an excellent show. Later in the night we was also treated to goodies such as sexy female dancers dressed in not a lot, costume dressers and fire eaters (see photo's). This is definitely the way hardcore raves should be put on, you couldn't off asked for much more, 

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especially for the money!

I'm afraid I can only tell you about the hardcore arena as once I was in there I was enjoying it so much I never left until the end, the music was the best I've heard out at a rave for a long, long time with DJ Smart-e and DJ Vibes playing the best sets of the night with DJ Kaos coming close behind with a set of new hardcore which was a lot better than a lot of the new stuff I've heard lately, the best MC's on the mic had to be MC Whizz-kid and MC Livelee, DJ Squirrel played an excellent old skool set but 

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I don't think it really fitted in right in the hardcore arena, also MC MC didn't really fit in, in the hardcore arena but apart from that nothing else could be faulted throughout the whole night apart from the 5am finish (please try and sort this out as there is no where to go for so many ravers, and who wants to stop at 5am). 

If this is the way Future Dance is going to go then boy are we in for a good ride, this was the best Future Dance to date and they seem to get better and better every time, the production is tops but still gets better, the music is 

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futuredance5front.jpg (102939 bytes) tops but still gets better, and the atmosphere is tops but still gets better, bring on Future Dance six and not three months down the line, we all can't wait that long!!

This was one hell of a rave that is going to be very hard to beat, hopefully it sets the standard for the rest of the year, if your a raver and you have never been to Future Dance, then your not a proper raver, make sure you go to the next one, you won't be disappointed. 

Big, Big Shouts out to...firstly to all of the Future Dance 

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crew for such an excellent night, keep up the good work, Mike, DJ U4EA, Dan the man for blowing me out, MC Whizzkid, all the lovely females I got talking too, and anyone I might have forgotten.

peace, love and unity


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Well this is the first review of mine of a rave for a very long time, and believe me I definitely wasn't going to let Future Dance 5 pass without me having a word on it! Before this event I took the liberty of perusing my previous Future Dance reviews, just to relive a few moments of raving history. As my raving career has progressed, my memory capacity has coincidentally been eroded away, so I am glad I wrote down these memories, as they served to maximize my anticipation for this very special event - Future Dance 5 - The First Birthday Bash.

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futuredance5front.jpg (102939 bytes) Advertised on the flyer as "The Greatest Show On Earth", the Future Dance crew had a lot to live up to. After a quick pint or two watching England thrash the Scots in the rugby, and a little smoke and mix-up (HB showing us he is the true cheese-meister) at Kev's we made our way to the now obligatory, but ever fun pre-rave meetups at Waterloo at London Bridge. I met up with many raving friends I hadn't seen since NYE - some from even before that - and we all gathered in the taxi rank waiting for our lifts down to the Castle Studios. A rather skilful interception maneuver by myself ended 

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up in us getting a quick taxi down Old Kent Road and we were at the venue by shortly after 7pm.

A small rendezvous in the B&Q car park to deliver some duty-free Absinthe later, and I entered the venue. As I did so, Johnny and Ethos were announcing to the already growing queue that there were some slight technical hitches beyond their control (namely one of the sound systems had arrived very late) but that people were to enter the venue very soon. I walked into the venue, entering a room that was a complete surprise to me. The 

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futuredance5front.jpg (102939 bytes) previously red old skool room with a large bar dominating proceedings had turned a particularly white shade of, er, white, and the bar had been replaced by a large dance area. There was also a pretty nice sound system in there, completing the transformation of this room into a proper arena. Very nice work lads!!

The rest of the venue had also been made over, as only the Future Dance crew know how. Posters of the Go Mental residents in psychedelic paint, and clown outfits adorned the walls (I personally think the caricature of 

futuredance3-3-01pic21.jpg (17815 bytes)

Andy Vinal was worthy of particular praise heh). There were warnings to any sheep that may enter the venue that there would be sheep-dippings to make the venue a "Foot and Mouth Disease Free Area". Also to my amusement were the notices in the toilets pointing out that "If you have taken E, you were unlikely to be able to pee"!!! Brilliant attention to detail that just made this night that extra little bit special.

There were so many other amazing parts of the night - without even mentioning the music! The fire dancers; the 

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futuredance5front.jpg (102939 bytes) pleasingly erotic stage dancers (heh, they kept me mesmerized for quite a while); the Russian Massive in full effect; the amazing sound system, the wicked lights, lasers and projection screens; the bouncy castle; the outdoor seating; the friendly security; the well-stocked merchandise stall - all making this night truly spectacular.

But an amazing rave, such as this, is not merely the sum of its constituent parts. It has that special vibe, that spark of pure delight that lights when everything just coalesces into sheer brilliance. Future Dance 5 most definitely had 

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this, in abundance!

I haven't even started on the music yet!! Robbie Long and Devastate - described as two of the biggest "Up and Running's" in the hardcore scene at the moment played a wicked set early in the night, that got the crowd pumping. When Vibes and Livelee came on the whole place erupted. Fair enough they may not be the future of hardcore - but the reaction of the crowd just said it all... they still do it in their own special way!! I was going pretty much bezerk at this point - a reflection, I feel, on 

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futuredance5front.jpg (102939 bytes) quite how amazing this night was. Of course, I'm normally quite a reserved, pacific sort of person at raves (heh), but my god I was giving it some by this point!!

Druid and Sharkey - now what can I say about this set, except to say bloomin' eck, it weren't half bad. Pure ecstasy in a rave. I'd never seen a place go off quite like it when they stepped up. I still stand by what I said there - i.e. Sharkey is probably still my favorite MC. He, in my opinion, stands above the others mainly cos he doesn't say much on the mic compared to others, but 

futuredance3-3-01pic9.jpg (201186 bytes)

what he does say is just perfectly timed, perfectly created and perfectly projected. A wicked set of "real" hardcore :)

Hixxy played another fantastic set of his upfront Raver Baby stuff - I still can't get enough of this stuff. Brisk also played a particularly amazing set of older hardcore, but with that characteristic Brisk speed! A real contender for set of the night was the set from Squirrel and MC MC, if only for the reaction of Cris-E-Manic when MC MC got on stage! What a wicked set of real old skool, mixed to 

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futuredance5front.jpg (102939 bytes) perfection by the brilliant Squirrel.

Energy showcased much of the new releases on his label, and the freeform crowd were loving it. In the other arenas I have to make special mention to Loftgroover for a wicked set of hard-as-you-like gabba and Sass for a similarly hard-as-fuck set. I spent most of my time in the hardcore arena, so unfortunately I can't really pass comment on many of the other sets - although I have been informed by everyone that the quality didn't wane during any set!

futuredance3-3-01pic10.jpg (194015 bytes)

Well, what more can I say? I really don't think I will say anything else, except to say that Future Dance 5 was truly the best hardcore rave I have ever been to. I might be heard to say similar things at other raves, but rarely do I write it in my reviews (if ever). Having had a couple of days of rational thought about it, I really do think that this was one of those nights that shall always be the benchmark that other raves are judged by. For a rave to be half as good as this, it has to be rather special indeed.

Thank you to everyone who made this the night it was - a 

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futuredance5front.jpg (102939 bytes) special thank you to Johnny and Peter from Future Dance... it's your effort and vision that has made Future Dance what it is today. A year ago a new concept in hardcore entertainment was born, last Saturday it became the daddy of them all. Future Dance are now the leaders.

Big huge hardcore raving shouts to: Kev, Caine, Jexxy (sexy innit hehe), Kat, Nix (grr, I'm an alien), Becki, BeckiBoo, Barking Boy, SiMDMA, Twigg, Andy PLURaver (thank you for the lift!), Nemesis, Jody, 

futuredance3-3-01pic12.jpg (201516 bytes)

Minxx, Fussion, Acidnik, Sam, RaverJo, Viking, Androo, Mupster, Phick, Dodgee, Alarm, Banksy, Gus, Dimi, Nic from OneLove, Pete, Tom, Potfish, Mad Man, Dairymilk Warrior, Ponder, HB, Crissy, Uplift, Tony Resonance and Natasha, Misdee, Billy Bass, Peter and Emma, Paul, Doug, Craig, Jamie (u lizard man u hehe), Peter Ethos, Johnny, Kev Energy, Icekold, Stix, Gordon, James, Andy T, Andy Vinal, Smile-E, AndyM, Padz, Aaron, Devotion, Sam (DJ Dune), Hixxy, Brisk, UFO, SD, Spike, Scottie, Stargazer, shit this had taken me hours and me head is hurting, Casper, Jedi, Stormtrooper, Rewind, Snow, Wildcard, BabyBeth, Lee, Chedda, Jon Diewrecked, shit that must be everyone by now... everyone I met, everyone I didn't meet - see you all at Resonance v Elation - 9th March 2001!!!!

Tom Bennett / DJ U4EA