19th October 2001

@Bagleys Film Studio's, Kings Cross, London



Crowds of people, a thundering bass and a buzz in the air, all this promising a great party, and that it was. The ground was thumping and MCs giving all they got, the best DJs playin tune after tune, working up you ravers!, horns and 

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whistles blowin, the atmosphere was electric!                 Big it up to all those who went to Future Dance!!!

Welcome back Marc Smith after a break of two years, 

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you played as if you never left!

And for the first appearance of Dair + Menis in the Hardcore arena, you played a wicked set, welcome to the 

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U.K. glad to have another fine pair of DJs in the Hardcore scene.

Class A MCs, number 1 being MC Storm, you were the 

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nuts!!! Never fails to get the whistle + horn crews going, in-fact he gets everyone going! And were you there Whizzkid? you kept disappearing!!

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Casper, Livelee and Squidgy B done themselves proud, big it up to all the MCs.

Sharkey was a busy boy playing in the Hardcore arena  

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and Radical Techno, kickin it out everywhere he went,  Scorpio played his set, as he always does with 100% commitment. Dan Devotion gave the meaning to Hardhouse, yet again finishing in style. But back to 

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Hardcore and our DJs!!

It was good to hear Smith + Sharkey being reunited and playing back to back again, and Brisk + Ham carried out 

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their set as they naturally do, givin it 100% making it hard and fast 'the way it should be'.

Kaos and Energy also done the deed, by keeping the 

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Hardcore crew jumpin

And saving the best until last...it has to be Hixxy + UFO, oh yes! as personal favorites of ours we could never fault 

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them, your set was real, it gave the meaning to Hardcore!

With that line up, you couldn't help but have a blast...

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The venue itself gets our vote, we've been in worse! Each room had a bar supplying ice + ice cold drinks through the night. Ice poles were passed out! but at a pretty high price!

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The large chill out area was refreshingly cool, and access to the outside balcony is close to each room, so it was easy to take a breather. There was a burger van for grub and hot drinks...we think, the music was calling so we 

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didn't get a close look!

The cloakroom was in good order, quick with the queues, and the security was tight (but not in ya face).. big them up 

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Anyway after all that, now comes the big DISS

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The so called pro dancers and empress Stah, were unfortunatly a waste of stage time and space, the feeling wasn't coming from just me and Vicstar, but from a lot of you ravers too!

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Disco Dancers do not belong in the Hardcore arena, they looked so out of place, and could not dance to Hardcore.

As for empress Stah, well true, not for the faint hearted but 

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definitely not for Hardcore either! 

Big it up to those who bothered to go fancy dress.. us included, and respect to the grim reaper who braved the 

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heat, and got our vote!

And now that's over...

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to all the promoters and production teams, thanx for Fright night, it was a blast, to all the DJs and MCs, big up yourselves! finally to all the ravers...for keepin the scene real..



                 luvin it 

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