15th June 2001

@Bagleys Film Studio's, Kings Cross, London



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Everyone I spoke to before this event and including myself wasn't quite sure if this move for Future Dance to Bagleys was the right move and we was all worried if they could pull it off!

Yet again the Future Dance crew squashed all off our worries with what turned out to be their best party to date with their highest turn out by far, at last it looks like Future 

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Dance have made it to the big league, this is how it went for me.... 

Yet again I arrived late due to my mate Greg, I never learn, every time I go out with Greg he always makes us late, no problem though as we arrive at around 11pm and are told they have opened a bit late and haven't been letting people in for that long although they needed to by 

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the look of the size of the queue, it was huge, by far the biggest queue I had seen at any Future Dance, luckily there was no guest list queue what so ever so we were straight in, or so we thought, when we walked around the corner the queue for being searched was huge and not moving one bit, after half an hour in this second queue we got to the front and found out why it was taking so long, they had only two people searching you on the way in, 

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which for 3000 people is ridiculous. (it wasn't too bad for me as I didn't have to queue to get in, but it must of been murder for all those who had just spent god knows how long in a queue outside as well).

At last we were in and to be honest it was worth the wait, Future Dance had lived up to their promise, put in a lot of effort and transformed Bagley's into something never seen 

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there before, along with the lighting and lasers and thumping sound system you couldn't of asked for much more for your money. Every arena was decorated in true Future Dance style with most efforts being put into the main (Hardcore) arena which although we had only just got in was filling out nicely and by just gone midnight was packed out solid, walking around the whole venue later on in the night you could see just how many people were in 

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the place and every arena seemed full, but not overfull as you often get at Bagleys, so there was still enough room for everyone to dance.

I spent most of the night in the Hardcore (as usual), why! I'm not sure because although everything else was near perfect the music being played in the Hardcore arena wasn't (well wasn't to my taste anyway) after the last 

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Future Dance having the best hardcore I had heard out at a rave for many years I was expecting the same here tonight but unfortunately didn't get any what so ever. Many of the Hardcore ravers didn't mind the music but a lot did and this arena did keep emptying out during the night. (please sort this out for the next one!!). As this is the case I'm not going to be mentioning any DJs on the night as there not worth mentioning. 

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The only other complaint I had about the night (only two complaints from me is pretty good) was the heat, now I know Bagleys has always been a hot venue but on this particular night was far hotter than it should of been, later I was told this was because the heating was on to make you buy more drinks at the bar, I don't know if this is true or not but if it is I have never heard of anything more stupid, now I must point out that this is down to the venue owners 

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and not Future Dance and my guess is because it is shutting down soon they are trying to make as much money as they can before they do, luckily this venue has an outside so you can chill out (even though it was raining for most of the night)  or they just might of had a few casualty's like Raindance the following week!!

That's enough moaning because the night was really good, 

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I'm just being picky and pointing out a couple of things that need changing.

For music the best arena was the house arena downstairs, every time I went in this arena it was pumping to some good tunes and everyone seemed to be loving it, even though this was the smallest arena in the place, also the old skool arena went down pretty well. Techno isn't really my 

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thing so I only went in this arena once but it seemed pretty packed and everyone seemed to be loving it in there although when I went in there the techno they was playing seemed a bit soft for a techno room, as I don't keep up with the techno scene very much I don't know what techno is supposed to be like now!!

So overall a very good night and most definitely one of the 

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best Future Dance's to date, the production was spot on, the sound was spot on, the atmosphere was spot on and the music (except hardcore) was spot on, what more could you ask for, bring on the next Future Dance...

BIG BIG shouts out to...All of the Future Dance crew for yet another excellent night, Greg, Steve, Dan the man, Lee, Jemma and her moody boyfriend!!, and everyone 

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else I met on the night. see you all at the next one..



Love, Peace and Unity

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