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12th April 2002

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 @Bagleys Film Studios, York Way, Kings Cross, London N1



   I had been looking forward to tonight for weeks and it was finally here, I hadn't been to Bagleys since last June (also the last time I had been to a Future Dance large event). We all set off on a high only to be brought down rather quick, what a hassle getting to the venue, it seemed that every road we went down was closed and we had to follow diversions which got us totally lost several times, it all started at Blackheath and the last road closed was at Kingscross which was really annoying as we were so close!! Beware all of the roadworks at kingscross, they are going to be about for a long time! Finally we got there at about 10.40pm which wasn't too bad.  There was a huge queue when we arrived but luckily the guest list queue was small and we got in really quick. 

I was quite surprised when we got in as it was pretty empty, they must have been letting people in really slow or they must of opened a bit late, however this didn't last long as half an hour later the place was rammed and absolutely kickin , the hardcore arena and old skool arena were packed solid and the house arena and techno arena were about half full, this was about what it stayed like right through the night right up until the end.

As usual the F/D production was 100% except all the feedback from the speakers in the hardcore arena (could of been a bit louder too but couldn't be turned right up because of the feedback) although I believe this not to be the fault of F/D and the fault of the venue. Apart from this you couldn't of asked for more, the decor was cool, the dancers were sexy, the lights were blindin, most of the DJs were mixin it up good, yet again F/D done us proud. Although what was with the weird chick on stage, first she was piercing things through her nipples, then lying on a bed of nails naked and to top it all off stapling stuff to her naked breasts and other private areas of her body, I thought I was tripping when I first saw her!!

As I said most of the DJs were tops, but a few were not up to scratch at all (I won't name, names!) which is a shame when there is so much other talent out there. The best sets of the night being DJ Hixxy in the hardcore arena and DJ vibes in the old skool arena both keeping it happy and going down a storm with the crowd. The best MCs of the night once again were MC Whizzkid b2b with MC Storm, these two are just the best and deserve all the success they get.

The atmosphere is always good at F/D events and tonight was no exception, smiley happy faces wherever you looked and not one bit of trouble even from the security, just how it should be.

Overall WOW what an excellent night yet again from the Future Dance crew, why can't there be more events like this, bring on June 28th (Future Dance 9 @ Bagleys).

Big shouts going out to all of the Future Dance crew especially Kaos and Ethos for a wicked night, Dan the man (sorry about your wing mirror), Mike, Vicstar, Brittness, Whizzkid (good to see you again), Tom and all the Elation crew, Two2 Company (Charlotte &  Carmine you two are tops), and everyone I met on the night and anyone I might have forgotten (sorry)

Big, Big shout out to Kat who keeps putting up with me talking rubbish to her all night!!

Peace, Love and Unity to all

see you all at the next one



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