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8th December 2001

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 @Club Colosseum, 1 Nine Elms Lane, Vauxhall, London SW8



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This was the very first time I had been to a Future Dance club tour (I have been to all their main events, but never their tours) and I hadn't been out for a while so I was well looking forward to tonight, I knew what Future Dance was capable of, so would they bring the excellence of Future Dance to their club tours, too right they would!

Future Dance once again teamed up with Revival and returned to the excellent club known as club Colosseum for their annual Christmas mash up and for what turned out to be a night to remember. 

After turning up at around 10pm (bloody early for me) and being greeted by a fair size queue (which went down really quick) we were in, after a very strict search (I suppose they are only doing their job) it was time to party, it did take quite a while to fill up but in the end it was filled quite nicely, this being the case it did take a little while for the crowd to get going but by midnight the whole place was rocking!

As for the music, Future Dance was in the main Hard Dance arena and Revival was in the second Old Skool arena, I spent a good part of the night in each arena and both were tops with the Hard Dance arena being my favorite (as always), from beginning to end the music in the Hard Dance arena was brilliant, they played a mix of all types of Hard Dance music (including Happy Hardcore), at times it was a bit dark but apart from that the best music I have heard out for ages with the best sets of the night going out to Sy and Kaos & Ethos-respect.

The MCs of the night has to go to MC Whizzkid and MC Storm who went back to back for a good part of the night and sounded absolutely brilliant together, I have to be honest and admit that I have never really taken any notice of them MCing back to back before, and I'm really gutted I haven't because they sounded soooo good,  they really made the night for me.

Over to the Old Skool room, even though this room didn't really fill out all night, it still kicked all night with a class selection of Old Skool tunes with a few New Skool tunes mixed in for good measure with the set of the night going to the one and only DJ Squirrel who played an absolute blinder, loads of classic Old Skool anthems mixed in with Old Skool tunes you really don't hear any more mixed in with a hint of New Skool. Pure class. I was a bit disappointed that Tango and Ratty never turned up as I was really looking forward to hearing them. 

I never went in the VIP lounge all night so I can't comment on that room, sorry but I just couldn't leave the other two rooms!!

As for the venue, I have only been to this venue once before and that was a few years ago, I was not disappointed, it is a very clean, nice, personal venue and for a change a very cool venue, no chance of overheating in here, lovely. Not what you really expect from a rave, but very nice!

As usual Future Dance had put a lot of effort into the place, the only problem was that the sound system was a bit quiet at the beginning of the night and a bit loud  at the end of the night, but I think this was down to the club owners and not the Future Dance crew, the Old Skool arena could of been a bit louder too!

The atmosphere was very Future Dance, if you know what I mean! especially from the DJs, MCs and Promoters, nice one! just how it should be.

The only Problem I can really complain about is the security being well on top, but as this is a club I suppose you will always get the security being well on top. Apart from this I just can't complain about anything (how unusual is that these days!), it was a top, top night and I can't wait for the next one, if I'm correct I think Future Dance are going monthly at this venue from February 2002, and all for only a fiver, keep a check on the club listings page for more info!

This can only be good news for the London Hardcore scene, lets hope they get the support they deserve, I know I will be supporting them 100% 

I will see you all at the next Future Dance for sure, they are going from strength to strength, the Future is Future Dance!!




Big, Big shouts going out to all the Future Dance crew for a top night (Pete, Johnny, etc), Steve, Mike, MC Whizzkid (good to see you again!), Brittness and Vicstar and everyone else I met on the night.

Have an excellent Christmas and New Year!!


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