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26th July 2003

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 @The Imperial Gardens, Camberwell, London SE5



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WOW, what a night, this was easily one of the best nights out we have had this year so far and all on a first ever event for Enigma, well done Enigma and bring on your next event...

It had been ages since we had been to the Imperial Gardens and the last time we went there wasn't such a good night!. This time though was going to be different, Enigma had put a lot of effort into making the venue as good as it could be, all except the toilets (If this venue is to be used again this really needs sorting out especially for the ladies!)

We were one of the first in the venue so it took a little while to fill up but as soon as it did the place was rocking, there were three arena's, the first one was old skool/happy hardcore the second was new hardcore and to be honest I'm not sure what was played in the third arena as I never went in there once as I was having such a good time in the other two arena's.

In the main (new hardcore) arena Hektik was first on and played a pretty good set, it was a shame the place was pretty empty at this point, next on was Energy who as always played a good set full off Nu-Energy tunes, nothing special but good enough to get the crowd going. Next I was stuck with where to go, in the old skool/happy hardcore arena was AB playing his first ever set and in the main (new hardcore) arena was U4EA both mates of mine, so not wanting to let either of them down I had to spend the next hour going from one arena to the other with both playing a top set. AB started of playing some old skool then went on and played some wicked happy hardcore as well as doing some wicked scratching, well done mate you really got the crowd going. Next in the happy hardcore room was Mayhem (I think as Ive never seen him before), this was without doubt the best set of the night, just pure happy hardcore, just how I like it, I couldn't stop dancing, in fact the next couple of sets were pure happy hardcore with Dougal and Vibes playing some wicked classics. It's good to see happy hardcore is not dead and it's even better to see a promoter with the guts to actually have a room with happy hardcore in all night, and this room was pretty packed all night showing that happy is still popular. It's about time other promoters saw that there are a lot of ravers out there that still love happy hardcore!!

By this time I hadn't seen my mates Vic and Britt for hours so off I went to find them, they love their new hardcore so this is where I found them. Not sure who was on but I was well gutted when I found out I had missed Kaos and Ethos, I haven't seen these two play out for ages and was well looking forward to seeing them again. To round the night off Slipmatt played the last hour in the main room playing...yep you guessed it, happy hardcore, this got the place absolutely rockin and by the end no one wanted to leave.

I was really impressed with the production and the effort which went into tonight, the decor was good the lasers were excellent and for such a small venue looked extra good plus they had them in every arena and I must praise them on the sound, it was just right, loud and clear but not so loud you couldn't think let alone talk to anyone. There were confetti canons in the happy hardcore arena and free water pistols being handed out (much needed as it was so hot) and the atmosphere was brilliant, very happy and very friendly (I never saw one bit of trouble), the security were pretty safe as well.

All in all an excellent night by a new promoter which looked liked they had been around for years, and who hopefully will be, I personaly can't wait for the next one!!

Big Big shouts out too.. Sian and all the enigma crew (cheers for such a wicked night), Vicstar and Britness (cheers for the lift), Tom U4EA and  Karren (pity you couldn't stay longer), HB, AB (well done on your first set), Whizzkid, and most of all everyone of you mad, up for it ravers which made the night what it was!




It had been well over a year since we had been to the Imperial Gardens. It was good going back there again. As for the venue itself it was OK but the toilets let it down in a big way.

When we turned up the sounds were already playing, Nic stayed in one room checking out the tunes, while the Britness and I went to check out the other rooms, well one room really, when we got to the other room we was hooked, we stayed there for over an hour when we realised that we had not been to any other rooms yet, so we done the tour of the Imperial Gardens to find out that our mate AB was up and getting ready for his set so we stayed in the old skool/happy hardcore room. Nice one AB :)  when his set was done we went back into the room that had us hooked. Nic stayed in the old skool room. By now the venue was packing out a bit and the tunes still sounding good, so this is out to Marc Smith, Marc Blitz, Majestik, Hughesy, AB, Hektik, Devotion, there really was too many to mention, you were all on top form, from old skool to freeform to hardcore, it has been a long time since we have had to choose who we are going to listen too as all the sets were class A. Out to the MC's as well, you were all on a mental one, some of you giving us new words of wisdom and some were sticking to their same words, it would be nice for a change.

As the night was coming to an end it was nice to finish on slipmatt playing oldskool happy hardcore tunes that made us remember the old days of raving.. ahhh memories..

Big shouts out to the ladies Sian, Milly and Nicki and to all the others that delt with the long day, with all that was happening you all  kept your cool and got on with it, Big up and well done to you all. And off course out to the water gun crew, you all know who you are, you all helped make the night fun.

Vicstar & Britness

Sorry about the lack of photo's but because of the heat and smoke in the venue not all came out!

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