4th December 1999

@The drome, London bridge


Raindance has yet again moved (due to security problems at the rocket), this time to the drome, a very unheard of venue used by  techno heads, will this be the venue for raindance or shall we see them moving again, I went to find out!!!

After what seemed like ages since the last raindance the 4th finally arrived, only to find everyone who was coming with me to start dropping out, I finally managed to get a lift off my mate rich (who never misses raindance) and after a trek half way around London to find waterloo station to meet someone we finally arrived at around 10pm

raindance4-12-99pic1.jpg (22157 bytes)

 to find the biggest queue I have seen at raindance since way back at new years 1992 where there was over 10,000 people.

Unfortunately (speaking to the promoter later in the night) they wasn't expecting anywhere near as many people so they didn't have enough security on the door, hence some people had to queue for nearly two hours, but I have been promised that this will not happen again!!( Even I had to queue for over half an hour in the guest list queue).

After getting in from the cold we were greeted by a huge maze of thumping tunes, not knowing where to start we just had a treck around to see just what was going on (while it was still empty) and found an astonishing six arenas (and I'm sure there will be more next time) and they all seemed huge, could raindance get this many people??? They sure could, by midnight the place was rammed and there was still people coming in, I wouldn't like to guess how many people crammed into there but it was thousands, just proving that the scene is far from dying.

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As hardcore is my thing I went to the hardcore arena first (well done for bringing in hardcore to raindance)  for a dance and listen to some of the best hardcore tunes around with force & styles and vibes playing the best sets of the night and by the looks of the dance floor rammed with nutty ravers, hardcore is still going strong. The next best room for me was the Ibizan house room which started of a bit slow (down to mr. promoter asking to start of slow....why???) but by around 1-2am this room was rammed and kicking solidly (as were all the rooms) and boy did they play some good tunes in here, the best set of the night being Alan barker and the last hour where all 

the d.js in this room did a back 2 back set all playing a tune at a time which turned out to make the place rocking even at this time of the morning. Speaking of this time of the morning, to everyone's surprise at 6am when it was supposed to finish they announced that they were staying open an extra hour, until 7am, and boy did the crowd seem happy at this news (they all seemed to be having such a good time that they didn't want it to end).

having a look around during the night the drum & bass room was kicking as it 

raindance4-12-99pic3.jpg (28626 bytes)

normally does at raindance and at several points in the night it was so rammed that no one else could get in the arena with brockie and fluid playing the best sets of the night.

Over in the main arena-old skool yet again all night it was packed and kicking (I haven't seen a place kick so much since way way back in the good old days of raving) with as usual the best set being the one and only ratpack, the other good thing about this arena was the lasers, and boy were they good lasers, the best lasers I have seen in a long time as well, it was just a pity that this was the only room with 

lasers, hopefully there will be more next time.

The only trouble throughout the night was a little argument between two m.cs (which I will not name to save embarrassment, you know who you are) who fought over the only mike in the place, it was in the old skool and they wanted it for the hardcore. 

Yet again I was so surprised with the atmosphere in the place, just like the old days, elevation, reincarnation, seduction....I met and got chatting to so many people and

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everyone I looked at was smiling.

Overall this was without doubt the best night out I have had this year and I think the only thing that is going to top it is going to be new years eve, I can't wait until the next one (February I think). Well done raindance for bringing back the old vibe, lets keep it like this.

To anyone who hasn't been, no matter what part of the country you live this is worth 

the trek, This is the event for the next millennium, get to the next one and you will see what I mean.

Big shouts going out to....richard for giving me a lift, sarah-lee-and liam for putting up with me in the morning, all the raindance crew for such an excellent night, and all you ravers who made the night extra special.



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It's no secret that Raindance is by far my favorite event, and this last one just proved why that this is the case.

Having had problems with the Rocket, Raindance has taken a break for a couple of months, regrouped, and turned up at the drome in full force. The turnout was amazing, 6 arenas all packed out, and a chill out area full of noisy happy people. Not only did this Raindance mark the return of the 'Eclectic' arena (each DJ plays a different style) - but this is the first Raindance to host a happy hardcore arena.

due to the sheer size of the venue myself and nic (who had the best time I've ever seen him have - nice one :)) decided we'd share the load. being the hardcore nutter he is, he left me to (mostly) take care of the house room once the heat was turned up in both arenas. While all the arenas have the usual named DJs, Raindance's house arena is unique, having evolved a lot since the earlier part of the year, they now have a specific lineup, and hopefully, they will keep this lineup for many many raindance's to come.
As I sat behind the stage with the house DJs, it became quickly apparent that they 

raindance4-12-99pic6.jpg (16068 bytes)

were at Raindance to party just as much as the crowd. with words such as "f*ck it, I'm gonna play what I like tonight" coming from an anonymous DJ (you know who you are, you badboy) I could just tell this was gonna be a house party not to be forgotten.

by 3-4 am this arena was virtually on fire, with the music progressing toward what I'd call 'uplifting hardhouse' there was an element of madness witch lasted right until the end. usually you end up with people sitting on the edge of the dancefloor come 

 5am, not so at raindance, at that time Raymondo was leaving the crowd in a stomping frenzy, at this time DJ cristo decided to let the crowd have it, and blasted what was in my opinion, the best set played at a raindance since I can remember.

At 6am there was absolutely no sign of the crowd g
iving it up, and as the organizers came to announce an extra hour, the DJs were just as pleased as the crowd. 

what followed was a back 2 back 2 back 2 back 2 back session, all the DJs were

raindance4-12-99pic7.jpg (20646 bytes)

 throwing one pumping tune on after another. This really displayed just how much of a party these guys can put on. As I looked around the dancefloor I was greeted with smiles from just about every angle, EVERYONE was having a superb time, and as I looked toward the DJs, they were all dancing around too.

if you're at a raindance, and you think house isn't your bag, I suggest you just pop in in the latter part of the night and see just how kicking this place is.

kudos to the house party DJs, the raindance crew, nic, and the best rave crowd EVER. you guys are great.

seeya at the next Raindance