28th January 2000

@Flamingo park, Chislehurst


Old Skool Jam-never been too!, Flamingo Park-never heard of!! What else could I do except go and find out how good this new 'old skool' event and unheard of venue was. So of I trekked with some of my mates....

  After the usual flaffing about we finally arrived at flamingo park about 11pm, having only just found the only road to the place (don't miss the turn off or you will have to turn back and back again!!). When we 

arrived the place seemed dead, it was dark and very quiet, after working out where to go we came to the door which had  no queue what so ever and some of the friendliest security I have meet so far, which is how it should be, (the only place with dodgy security that I've seen now days is Bagleys). Then came in the pumping sound system playing some excellent old skool and we couldn't wait to get up stairs and see what was in store.
After we went upstairs to the one and only arena (which is a shame) we was greeting by a room rammed and rocking with a mixture of old skool ravers from times gone by and new skool clubbers and all seemed to be having an excellent time with smiles on their faces, everyone in the place seemed to know one another and by the end of the night I got to know most of them as they were very friendly, I also noticed that there was a lot of female talent which pleased me, being 
the rampant male that I am!!?? 

All of the d.js played excellent tunes throughout the night but the mixing seemed to be terrible with all the d.js so I don't know if there was a problem with the decks or mixer but that's what is seemed like, the production was good with a thumping sound system and lights as good as you could do with such a small venue.

So overall an excellent night especially if you like events on the clubby side that finish at 2am (to early for me, just have to go back to a mates house and have a party), the atmosphere was excellent, the vibe was cool, the security was friendly and the music was tops so you can't go wrong and all for only 7

BIG SHOUT goes out to Greg and Paul, all the old skool and new

skool ravers that where their on the night and Gary and Toby (nice one)