17th March 2001

@The Camden Palace, London 


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This was Raindance's first CAN U FEEL IT event and Raindnace's first time at The Camden Palace, it was also strictly old skool/new skool, now don't get me wrong I love my old skool to bits but it's not really my thing when I go out for the night so I wasn't expecting a top, top night, well I was in for a surprise, I loved it and so did everyone in the place and this is why...


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After waiting for some friends and a 45 minute journey we finally arrived at the venue, I had only been to the Camden Palace twice before and both times I was quite impressed so I knew what to expect. We went straight to the queue to get in, what queue, there was none, not for the guest list or the ticket holders, either the security were well on top tonight or no one was here, as we went in the venue we found out it must have been because the  canufeelit17-3-01pic2.jpg (205116 bytes)
security were quick getting everyone in as the place was filled out quite nicely, the whole venue packed out not long after we arrived, you could of squeezed a few more people in but that would of only made it a squash, the two previous events I have been too at this venue were Moondance and Decade of Dance and they were rammed solid which just makes it uncomfortable and difficult to dance, here though it was packed but with  canufeelit17-3-01pic3.jpg (218857 bytes)
plenty of room for you to dance, just right.

After being here before for different events I wasn't to sure what the atmosphere was going to be like, previously it was O.K, but nothing special, now this is where Raindance come in, even though there was a lot of unfamiliar faces there was still the classic Raindance atmosphere, it was brilliant, everyone in the place had 

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huge smiles on their faces and seemed to be loving every minute of the evening from beginning till end, something else I noticed as well was the amount of females in the place, there were loads and they all  seemed to have a good attitude on them as well, especially the one on the stage at the front who was getting a little bit raunchy, especially with taking her top off!!


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When I spoke to Raindance earlier in the week they wasn't to sure how the music was going to go down being an old skool night with new skool thrown in, the thing with new skool is that it is new and not many people know about it, well they do now and from what I saw they all loved it including myself, this new skool is stompin and I can see it going a long way, I especially loved the way that most of the DJs that played the new skool  canufeelit17-3-01pic6.jpg (198274 bytes)
mixed it in with old skool and it sounded superb, I couldn't pick a best set of the night because whether they were playing old or new skool every DJ that came on played an absolute blinder of a set, there were a few tunes that were over played during the night but you always get that because all the DJs want to play the classic anthems and because they are classic anthems no one minds them being over played.  canufeelit17-3-01pic7.jpg (201627 bytes)

As for the production throughout the night, it was flawless and very, very impressive, an excellent sound system, with a top of the range laser and light show, there seemed to be a lot more effort put into the decor than either of the previous events I had been to here. There's one thing you can always be sure of going to a Raindance event is that 

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there will always be a good show put on for you, they always put the effort in to make it as good as possible.

I don't know what else to put except that you should of been there to experience it and if you were there then you know what it was like, make sure you go to their next one and find out what a Raindance event is like and if you think these are good you should try out their Raindance 

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events now being held at The Brixton Academy (previously held at the Drome) their next event is on the 21st April 2001. I will keep you posted for when the next CAN U FEEL IT event is being held.

BIG, BIG SHOUTS OUT TO...all of the Raindance crew for yet another excellent evening, Sam for persuading me to go (thanks), Neal, Mark and the two 

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females in the back of his car, Cristo, Grant (Epidemik), everyone who kept coming up to me saying they knew me (sorry but my memory is terrible), and anyone else I may of forgotten.

Love, Peace and Unity



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